New Kids On The Block Cruise Pt.4

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The final day started early with me and Diana meeting up with her crew to go have Brunch in the dining room. It was sooooo amazing honest that dining room has the BEST food! I had such a fun time eating with the girls and getting to know them! Diana’s sister and her crew were great, they knew Diana was sick a lot with migraines but came and checked on her often. REALLY good friends!

Diana and I headed back to the room and just chilled out and chatted, we talked about life, our kids, all kinds of topics and I adored my time with her. Many people don’t know anyone and are scared to travel but with her I never felt alone. Her crew was at their showing of DSF with Jenny, which I got jealous of because Jordan was there! It turned out one of them had been on the stage for a lap dance on a blow up doll with Danny’s face but then they brought out the real Danny and she got to dance for him.

The other girls left and we went to eat at the indoor lido restaurant. It was muggy so the air was nice! Before I knew it, it was time for Duets at Dusk with Joey. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like going. I took the time to pack my stuff, take off the door decorations and chill in my room. Everyone was there but I just didn’t go and I regret it. I watched NKTV and chilled and got ready for GPS night. I am glad I slept the night before because I didn’t sleep at all that night!

I went to eat dinner LATE with Diana and her crew, again fun times! I got up and went to another table because Tina Knight was over there. Not only was her room across from ours but she is also one of the producers for Rock This Boat and also stood by me during GPS. She is super super nice her and Cara were just so great. They invited me to sit down and chat with them and of course I obliged. Tina is actually originally from Michigan so we chatted about that and the show and it was so fun. The crew finished eating and we all headed up to the party to get a spot, and it was already packed. We had to wait a lot because they just don’t show up on time. I met up with my girl RiRi and the Ohio Peeps that I met in the casino and fell in love with. I stayed up with them and danced and partied and partied.

I represented Michigan State, the college down the road from my actual college and my number one college team. I live in nowhere Michigan but identify with Lansing and Michigan State pride so that is what I went with


The guys came out wearing jerseys but Donnie and Jon had a t-shirt. They looked so good. This party… it’s about showing pride from where you are from. Costumes from Japanese Kimonos to space suits from Houston, it was really amazing!



During the party the guys grab the flags of countries and show love, invite people to dance, and really everyone can feel the tangible presence of BH LOVE. I had amazing experiences and feeling the whole cruise but nothing compared to that night with all these people in love with NKOTB and feeling like a big family.


Also, traditionally the band brings the husband and men on the stage to show them love but also give us the gift of making them dance seductively for us. This show didn’t disappoint, man it was fun!


Most of the crowd was gone by 5 AM but I was still dancing. I went down and got closer to stage, and the balcony where Donnie was periscoping and celebrating with Jon and friends from the balcony.

The thing you do is stay up all night and don’t stop partying until we dock in Miami. I got 22, 000 steps in just that night alone. I never had so much fun in my entire life! I went straight to the Lido buffet to eat breakfast after that and then it was back to the room to finish getting our stuff together because we literally had to get off the boat. I was supposed to share a cab and have lunch with my roomie but she sort of stopped talking to me after Town Hall on day 2 so I was on my own for getting back to the airport. I was too tired to eat anyway. I mean honestly was sheer exhausted. After I got to the airport, in which I had to wait for hours for my flight, I bought a travel pillow and found a corner and passed out for a couple hours. I could tell which people had been on the cruise with me they were all sleeping!

Finally I got on my flight headed to Atlanta for a layover. The plane was cool it had places to plug in the phone and there was a screen to watch movies it was cool as heck! I bought an amazing sandwich in Atlanta, it was soooooo so good. Finally I was headed home to Grand Rapids, the end of my journey. Thankfully I didn’t have class the next day because I slept and slept. didn’t even unpack.

I didn’t ever believe I could afford to go on a cruise but I made it work. I paid my bills, took care of my family and made payments over time. It’s a VERY expensive cruise but there is nothing that compares to spending 4 days with your favorite band and your friends and I know I will be cruising again. My concert experience was amazing, this cruise was amazing. Next cruise I am not going to be alone ever, and I am not going to fend for myself. I’m also going to be bringing a lot more cookies for the guys because now I have to step it up since┬áDonnie will be expecting it. I didn’t get selfies with all the guys but I got something much better when I got to talk right to them, have Jordan say my name, have Donnie’s arm around me for 2 minutes, and really just have an amazing time!

I┬álike to believe I went from a completely unknown fan before the concert and this cruise to the “Cookie Girl” and now they all know who I am. I mean I THINK they do, but hey they might not. I was never able to catch any concerts or anything until 2015 so I had a LOT to catch up on and had to make a big impression to be remembered and I believe I did. I made lots of new friends, never felt alone, and cannot wait to go back. My only question now is, can I pay for the next cruise with cookies?

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