New Kids On The Block Cruise Pt. 3

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Okay, I know it’s been a while since the last post but what can I say, the Holidays and my college finals and other stuff had me busy but here I am! We left off starting day 3 in Grand Turk, man I’d give my left arm to be there right now! Okay so after I got back to the boat and had food with my roomie (we ran into the Scottsmen and Bikini sisters from Season 1 of Rock This Boat!) I went back up to the deck to just chill by myself for a while.

I walked over to the smoking section to use my vape and saw Macky and said hi. Macky is the sweetest guy, Jenny’s dad is just the best!



I still can’t believe when I met him after Sail Away told him my twitter name he remembered saying it on air and the comments about how some Blockheads have the craziest names on there. Anyway I sat down at the table next to him and his lady friend and chilled. I ended up cracking up at their conversation and that lead to him and her having an hour long conversation with me about random stuff and dirty minded stuff, and how crazy this all is but its amazing. We ended the conversation about the deck party later which is  TV character night. He told me he was going to be a priest and his lady was going to be his nun! I told him I was going as Elvira and said you won’t be able to miss this costume.

Pretty soon I was back in the room and the girls were already getting ready so I joined in. I ordered a BLT from room service (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)I had to figure out the Elvira makeup with the limited stuff I had brought but ended up with fake lashes and heavy eyeliner and it was perfect. I used a waist cincher to add curves but the “girls” held their own. I was the only Elvira on the ship and wow did I turn heads!


Before the party it was our turn for the concert! I still had my crappy balcony seats, I mean we were right in the center but it’s not like they knew were were up there. The concert was great! I started with a camera in my hand but then realized I didn’t want to watch the concert through a lens like I did for much of Main Event, so I put the cameras down and just enjoyed the show. I will also admit that I am completely jealous of the girls that were in the first rows. But they paid twice as much as I did for that privilege so I can’t be that mad. $3k is a lot of money! I said in the beginning that if they sand Stingy at the concert it would just make my whole cruise and guess what? I nearly lost my shit with excitement when the song started. Diana had to hold me up! It was a GREAT concert!


Right after the concert was the TV Character Night deck party! For this party I spent the whole time with Diana and her crew, which were all dressed as Baywatch! This night was the only time I experienced people pushing me. The girl next to me had too much to drink and got in my face thinking I was pushing her but my girl Diana had my back and told her they saw people pushing me. I’m not a pushy person at all so that sucked. Also I experienced asshole “fans” that got extremely pushy with people when they tried to get selfies with Jordan in the crowd. I gave up quickly.

This party…you never know what they guys will be but they did great, well Joe’s costume was ehhhh wtf based on his personality but they looked amazing!

Joe was the priest from MASH


Jordan was Spock and nailed that shit!




cue the Blue Bloods music and Jon came out as Danny Reagan! He looked fucking hot! mI wish i had more pics of him from that night!


cue the Blue Bloods music AGAIN and Donnie comes out as Frank Reagan!! It was perfection!



But he didn’t stop there, oh no…he said it’s too hot for this costume..and strips down to Magnum PI complete with fake mustache and chest hair!!


Danny took the cake though, he was the dude from Breaking Bad AND he handed out blue candy LOL!



The Baywatch girls saved us spots right by the stage so when the guys came down it was like a dream. I smiled and waved at Jordan and he waved back. My costume got lots of attention and that is the point! I yelled so loud to get Donnie’s attention and thanks to that and me pointing to the Baywatch girls, they all got to go on stage and dance. Diana went as Hasselhoff which is funny as crap but Donnie loved it. Diana is a Donnie girl so she was in her bliss! She didn’t even know that Donnie and Joey were dancing with her at the same time! At one point Donnie was going to donate his mustache and chest hair to his fave costume. We had an Edward Scissorhands by us so we yelled at him to get attention but he said “that’s a movie not tv!” and we were like oh yeah LOL! I said “My costume is a TV Show!” and he said “I know, I like that costume!” and smiled at me. God it was really amazing! Especially with a little Jordan shaking it in front of me.. I about died!

Another amazing party, and World Of Johnny makes the mistake of inviting EVERYONE to the after party. I start walking away when I spot Macky up on the balcony. I stop and look up and get his attention, wave and then point to the costume. He had a HUGE smile! After that I made the mistake of going to the club and standing in line for 5 minutes trying to get into the after party. I said fuck this then left but spotted Macky and his nun in the casino. I stopped and chatted but then he said, as a priest I can’t look at you in that dress it’s giving me impure thoughts… holy hell I about died laughing! I found out later that a couple of tables over, Donnie and Jenny were playing poker while all those people were in line. Next cruise I will actually make it to the after party and not worry about lines and trying to get into stuff. That is the plan anyway LOL. I headed back to the room to get into normal clothes, then I headed to the deck to vape for a small bit. Ran into a friend I had been chatting with online and then after that I went back to the room and went to sleep. I slept 6 hours! Which is a good thing because the last day of the cruise never ends.

Stay tuned for the final installment!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time. You’re rockin’ it in that Elvira costume.

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