A Weekend With New Kids On The Block Part 2

So part one of this story left off at the morning after the Coney Island concert. I woke up super early with Stephanie to ride with her into the city and take photos while she put in 4 hours at her office.  I had a fun time exploring but was not feeling well at all because of the food intolerance the day before and because I was reaaaalllly tired. This caused me to not explore near as much as I wanted but I still managed to get some great captures. 4 hours is not enough time, I need to go back!

We hopped a train and started our journey to Hershey, PA. We were supposed to be there by 6 to get into the pre-party, a free party for Block Nation members attending the concert. We got there a little late after worrying that they wouldn’t let us in…and in true fashion, the lines were still long, apparently working on Donnie time. I got to meet the wonderful Laurie Latham and a bunch of friends! I spent a ton of time with them that night and the next day. I love meeting my online friends!!


Okay so now we are inside the gates, the first person we run into is Dan Wood Sr., Stephanie ran to hug someone and I chatted with Dan about how the promoters were giving us crap about being late how we might not get in. Dan laughed and pulled out his best Boston accent and said “You girls know bettah!” I love him!! It didn’t take long after we got there for the guys to arrive and basically do a Q & A like Town Hall on the cruise.


The guys were hilarious especially Jordan acting all slutty. Afterward they said they would do selfies and they did but the hoard of women were 6 people deep and I didn’t even try, I am not pushy. I regret it because I missed probably the only chance at finally getting a Jordan selfie!

After this Stephanie and I went with Laurie and the crew to Red Robin. We had to wait literally 2 hours, an hour to get in, and forever to get food. I went safe with chicken this time and was okay.Then I went to my hotel where Sabrina was and my 3 other roomies who turned out to be the FUNNIEST women EVER. OMG we were up late laughing and woke up laughing! Sabrina, Maria, Veronica and Jackie, giiiiiiiiiiiiirls, OMG!!! <3


Still didnt sleep well…


Saturday was the day of the festival and we went early because people wanted to check out chocolate town, basically a tour of the history of hershey chocolate, even had a little ride. It was packed but still fun. While we were in there eating, there was a massive downpour and all the people with meet and greet passes got rained on. It was absoluty the hottest and most humid day of the year for me it was bad. But I didn’t care because I was about to see all my favorite bands!!

I make my way inside and stop at the first section that I thought I had seats in and the guy said nope, you’re actually up there, and I look and see that my seat is literally maybe 10-15 feet from the catwalk stage. I specifically bought my seat in that section because it was in the middle section, meaning decent stage shots and even better shots from anyone on the catwalk. Photos never appear how close you actually are, but trust this, my seats were AMAZING. By the time I found my seat I had already missed Ryan Cabrera, and most of Dream. I will be honest and say I know one song from each of those bands



And then a first for me, O-TOWN!! I loved watching them on Making The Band and adore them, even if though my age group is a bit older than them.



Lots of energy with this group, but ironically they were the only ones that did NOT come out to the catwalk. I don’t know why, nothing to be scared of just a bazillion block heads. They were great though, loved them!

Next up… and let me remind you of just how far away I was the first time I saw 98 degrees… I had to look at the jumbo screen because I couldn’t see them.. and this time OH BOY did I make up for it. They sounded AMAZING and had such a great time with us!






It started to get very crowded in our row. Thery zip tied the chairs together, leaving no space, and then some heavier women came in and we were squashed. There was a pregnant girl who was having a hard time with the heat. Abbie (director of Remember Betty, Danny’s foundation) was sitting in front of me and while we were begging security to help us, she had one of the girls just sit up a row to breath. Finally they cut maybe 3 chairs and we moved a little. Along comes Dan Sr. again to sit next to Abbie for a minute and we told him about the security being assholes and he had a tool that could have helped us, so we laughed. Crisis averted, on with the show!

As with 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men I hadn’t got to see their faces previously either (Package Tour, my first NKOTB concert) so I was more than thrilled with my amazing seat.




Abbie is so in love with these guys, she literally went straight to church many times when Wanya did his thing, it was a pleasure to watch her excitement and see her having such a good time. She borrowed my sunscreen (along with other ladies that had forgot!) and thanked me on Twitter later because she didn’t get sunburn. 2 cheers for organic sunscreen that works!!

By now it was dark and it was getting close to Paula Abdul. I obviously never got to see her perform either as a kid so I had no idea what to expect. I thought she would lip sync because she never stops dancing. I’m still not sure what really happened but it sounded amazing, her dancing made her look like she never aged, and she put on a GREAT set!! She kind of let out a secret about a possible tour, she wasn’t supposed to either oops!




I was using my e-cig between sets and met some great people, and talked a lot to Kevin (BHs know him, he always raps Good Vibrations at parties and on the cruise) and he is a VERY sweet guy and really cool! I pretty much spend most of the night chatting with him and even waiting for the AP and again at the diner after the party. Just a really cool guy. I met these girls back there too and they liked me so much they asked to take me to the diner after the show, it was cool!

Okay so now it was time, the main event as it were..


my seat was worth every last cent. In fact I am positive that for NKOTB set, our seats in section B were even better than VIP inncer circle or front row because the guys spent most of the time on the catwalk.






13975276_10209110518231864_2838023397633265716_o 13963017_10209110990363667_3191527250300349369_o





@nkotb Too Hot for Hershey! #MixtapeFestival2016

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Donnie popped up nearby like he did in Coney, I snapped lots of pics but one I am sure he is looking at me as if to say, girl get the camera down and get your hands in the air!


Then he walked buy and I got a sweaty hand clasp from him… I love him so much, he is so sweet to me on Twitter.

And Jordan followed up, also got him looking at me. They were only about 12 feet from me and since I was back row of my section I got unobstructed views of the guys.




Fabulous start to the concert!

It wasn’t much later when Joey McIntyre’s wife and kids sat down in front of me next to Abbie. Griffin was up on his chair standing and was so sweet, he turned around to ask us if we could still see, making sure. Rhys was having fun playing with confetti. Someone gave him a glow necklace and he bit it and broke it, and Barrett went into full mom mode, it was adorable! she ended up taking him out to the restroom backstage. They came back later for a small bit and were just really super nice.

Highlights from this concert? Joe brought out his kids, all 3 of them, and Griffin sang the whole song Tonight with the guys, following them where they walked etc.

Another bonus is I had so many pictures with guys looking right at my camera





Speaking of Jordan…


Incredible concert! Went to the after party too, couldn’t get close, and didn’t take a lot of pictures but did get to see this live (not my video)

The guys didn’t stay long but did find Paula and pulled her out later. After this I went to sit outside for air before leaving to eat. The girls I met during the break sntached me up when I hear 4 girls serenading me by singing all songs known to have Candy in the title. My hotel roomies, oh they were at it again!! We were all headed to the same place so I told them I will catch a ride, leave more room in their car and we will catch up there. I loved being serenaded and can’t wait for it to happen on the cruise!

Diner had GREAT food. It also had Jonathan Knight, his hubby Harley and their crew. I went to talk to my roomies and Jon was in the next booth. They got up to leave and I said goodnight to them both and they responded. My heart!! Then a crazy fan, looking like crap like the rest of us, decided to ask him for a Selfie as he was leaving. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a worse time to ask for one but I digress.

I had an incredible time, met incredible people, laughed till I cried, and through this, never felt more a part of the NKOTB family. I don’t know that I will be able to do any tours or the cruise after this year so I am glad I had the time of my life on THIS weekend.

NKOTB Coney Island and Mixtape Festical 2016 set lists

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