Surviving The Holidays With My Asus Memo Pad 7!

I am so not the type to just slap a giant smile on my face and go shopping during the Holidays. Rude people, not to mention big crowds trigger my anxiety. I don’t go within 50 miles of any mall during December. This year I happened to win a couple of prizes that pretty much let me buy my kids’ entire Christmas, and funny enough, the prizes came electronically and I could use them online, so I did! ALL of their gifts, including a personalized one, I bought over the last 3 days!! Lego, science toys, clothes, you name it, I sat in my warm chair and bought them all, stress free.



That’s not all I’ve been using my tablet for, here is my rundown of my latest with my Asus (PS. You can always check out the lineup of Intel Tabletsto learn more about my Asus and other tablets!):

First things first, it was time to get some wintry wallpaper, and that came from the Zedge App!


Then I needed a new game to get addicted to so I went to the Play store, seriously feels like home there..I missed it since getting an iPhone so its nice to see it again!


And then I found a fun game and got instantly addicted, its called Diamond Digger Saga!

Diamond Digger Saga

I also look for decorating inspiration on Pinterest, namely Christmas Trees. I have a board full of beautiful and unique ideas for Christmas Trees!


Speaking of unique trees I just added this one the other day! A Whoville tree!!


And because I plan on making a small dinner on Christmas, I HAD to look at some yummy ham recipes!



Another great thing about this tablet is that should I find myself in Walmart, I can pop onto WiFi and do price comparisons right there as I wait in the checkout line, and Walmart will honor the lower price if there is one. Basically this tablet pretty much has done everything for me this Christmas except wrap gifts (which I love doing actually) and cook. From watching videos, even just pulling up a calculator, right down to even BLOGGING, this little guy has been a real lifesaver when I just want portability and power. ┬áSo many uses in the day for it, but for Christmas, you can’t beat the ability to shop in your chair, or bed even if you want!


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