Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone Review #Verizon

phone2Having been a user of a Windows Phone since last January, I am most definitely no stranger to the operating system. While I have nothing horrible to say about Windows Phones, I do have an opinion on the devices. I received my first Windows Phone last year as part of another blogger program. Back then there just wasn’t a lot of great apps. It took nearly a year for the mainstay apps, Instagram, Vine and the like to have an app for Windows phones. In fact the only app I am missing right now is Pinterest, so its not so bad. I just like the prettiness of Android OS better.

I thought it was kind of neat to try a different device that has the same OS as I have.  The Samsung ATIV Odyssey is smaller than my HTC Windows 8X Phone, and in my opinion the display is not as good, with boxy pictures and muddy colors at times. I still take a larger screen. I can’t help it, I have used big screens since my first smart phone, a Droid Bionic! Here is my current phone, the HTC 8X (right) and the Samsung side by side..


You can see that my screen is bigger but you can also see that the Samsung phone has more of a true red. However it has a less than stellar battery life and the cameras are just not good, the odyssey has a 5mp rear camera and 1.2 mp front facing camera. 1.2? Now I know it is no Nokia but that is pretty bad when you are using Skype.

Bottom Line: I would say that the Samsung could be an ok choice for first time Windows OS phone users. Windows phones operate super fast, mostly due to not having massive amounts of bloat-ware installed. The ATIV Odyssey is what I would call a budget model since it can’t hold up to my HTC Windows 8X phone. The construction also looks cheap but the phone still performs respectively. If you are looking for a budget friendly Windows phone, this could be the one for you. If you are looking for a little more, I would go to the HTC.

*Disclosure – I was sent the Samsung phone on loan to review and send back when I was done.

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