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I get it. I do. Having a baby is a lot of work. I had 3! But there is something I wish I had done with my first baby 19 years ago and that is to track his schedule! Going from no kids to 1 kid was probably harder than adding his siblings. Between the sleepless nights, our very young ages, and just being SO NEW it was more like survival than actually parenting. Fortunately, new parents today have technology at their disposal, and there is a great new app to track scheduling called BabyTime.


With the BabyTime app you can record your baby’s diaper changes, feeding, naps and more. You can also share this information with family members and sitters so that they are aware of what the baby’s schedule is! How easy is that? What’s more is you can actually track your baby’s growth with charts too! With this information in one place you can more easily figure out why your baby is crying.


There are several reasons to track your baby’s activities. You will know if your baby is facing illness, or if there is a shortage of growth that you might want to discuss with your Pediatrician. Personally I would have used this to know if my son was eating enough because he was either allergic to formula or had reflux and vomited a lot as a baby. He was fat but it was a lot of crazy feeding trying to establish a schedule. When your baby has a schedule established the app will even alert you when the baby needs a diaper change! Also a babysitter can record the info in the app and it will sync up to the parent’s phone at the same time so for example if mom is working, she will know that the baby had a good feed etc. As an added bonus, BabyTime has an integrated iMessage feature that you can use to send the baby’s charts with the tap of the button.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the app:



The BabyTime app is available for iOS in the App Store for FREE! The newest update has Push notifications and an improved widget for those who don’t have a lot of time but want to stay updated on baby 🙂

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