So You Booked Your First Concert Cruise…

As I prepare for my 3rd concert cruise in a few weeks, I thought I would offer a few tips from my experiences with the Carnival line, as in brutally honest, real person advice. You are going to embark on an experience of a lifetime. When you booked your cruise you knew that somewhere deep down, you wanted to take this vacation to "get away" but also connect with that inner teenager. Choosing The … [Read more...]

I Graduated Again AND Celebrated it with New Kids On The Block Again Too!

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way to Grand Rapids Michigan to attend my NKOTB concert. And that concert is STILL on my mind so I thought maybe if I blogged it, I could move on and you know, actually get some work done! Before I share the concert, let's take a little trip back in time. Back to when I first stepped foot into the world of Blockheads and craziness. In case you haven't been here … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part 2

Read part one HERE So, we left off on night one, after Sail Away. On the first night is the game show, and dining group B goes first while we eat. I'm pretty sure we went to the dining room but I am forgetting because by this point I already had 2 drinks in me. While the other group was in their show, we got ready for purple night. Pretty soon it was time for our game show! This year I was … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part One

It's been a month since my cruise, and yes I know you are like "WTF Candy, you know we've been waiting!" I know, I'm sorry! I literally stepped off that boat and straight into midterms for college and around 25-30 recipes I had to create and photograph for bloggers. I have been BIZZAY. But I can tell you this recap should be shorter than last time because it wasn't my first time, I didn't have as … [Read more...]

A Weekend With New Kids On The Block Part 1

A month ago I was in New York City, my first time ever, and a bucket list photography destination! I wasn't there just for photos, I went to see my fave five, New Kids on the Block! They already slated the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, PA but threw in a very special one-night-only concert at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY for 2 nights before Mixtape. Now because it took about 2 days of travel getting … [Read more...]