The Only Pizza Dough Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I was working through some review items and came across the Head Chefs Pizza Pan and Pizza Wheel and thought well why not make some pizza! My first dance with the culinary world was in bakery and we spent 5 weeks making breads. I know breads, very very well. I am not scared of yeast but I do worry my house is too dry sometimes for proper rising. At any rate I needed to make some dough so that my … [Read more...]

StoveTop Stuffed Chicken

Just so you aren't confused, yes I am that blogger that doesn't use box mixes, but I openly admit I use StoveTop stuffing because it just tastes good. The spices in it are just right. I'm going to recreate that awesome flavor someday but for now its my stuffing of choice. I recently received a package full of stuff to engage myself and my family in some fun non mashed potatoes side dish cooking, … [Read more...]

Food With A View- The Signature Room at the Ninety-Fifth

I had the extreme pleasure to fly to Chicago a week ago and meet with the team from Verizon. As part of the partnership as a blogger, they had me come to learn about them and try some wireless toys. More on that in a little while. But I have to say thank you right away to Verizon because they took us to dinner for the best meal I have ever had. The Signature Room at the Ninety-Fifth. Its located … [Read more...]

Corn Stack

When I was a kid, the school had crappy tasting food for lunches but once a month they would serve what they called Corn Stack. It was the only day of the month that every student I knew would have hot lunch. Its basically chili on corn chips with lettuce and cheese. (tomatoes optional). Its so easy to make and so yummy to eat. I had made this recently and it was so good, and a friend on Facebook … [Read more...]

Extremely Easy Pan Fried Chicken

I had the pleasure of working with the people at ATG Stores recently. If you have never been, ATG stores is a conglomerate megastore with 600 specialty stores, containing over 3 million products by 1800 brands! It would take a long time to go to every store but thank goodness for the search function! When asked what item I wanted to review of course I headed right for the cookware section, … [Read more...]