So You Booked Your First Concert Cruise…

As I prepare for my 3rd concert cruise in a few weeks, I thought I would offer a few tips from my experiences with the Carnival line, as in brutally honest, real person advice. You are going to embark on an experience of a lifetime. When you booked your cruise you knew that somewhere deep down, you wanted to take this vacation to "get away" but also connect with that inner teenager. Choosing The … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part One

It's been a month since my cruise, and yes I know you are like "WTF Candy, you know we've been waiting!" I know, I'm sorry! I literally stepped off that boat and straight into midterms for college and around 25-30 recipes I had to create and photograph for bloggers. I have been BIZZAY. But I can tell you this recap should be shorter than last time because it wasn't my first time, I didn't have as … [Read more...]