Pain Perdu with Fresh Berries and Whipped Cream

Pain Perdu...seems like a fancy term, huh? Pain Perdu in french means "Lost Bread". It is basically french toast but made with older bread. If you have some staling bread no matter the kind, you have Pain Perdu on your hands! It is pronounced "pan per-do" , there is no pain involved. There are variations that call for adding flour and butter (roux) to the eggs to make a more custard like dip for … [Read more...]

The Only Pizza Dough Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I was working through some review items and came across the Head Chefs Pizza Pan and Pizza Wheel and thought well why not make some pizza! My first dance with the culinary world was in bakery and we spent 5 weeks making breads. I know breads, very very well. I am not scared of yeast but I do worry my house is too dry sometimes for proper rising. At any rate I needed to make some dough so that my … [Read more...]

I’m Sick, Chef.

For the first time ever I looked at chef Ian last night right before class was out and said "I want to go home" . I have NEVER felt that let alone said that because as you know its the highlight of my week but I as feeling REALLY bad. Aside from not being able to smell and taste (a good thing because we cooked Offal meats, as in , cow stomachs, pig stomachs, ox tails, cow tongue) but I … [Read more...]

Banana Banana Bread

This didn't last one day at our house!! Banana Banana Bread SUBMITTED BY: Shelley Albeluhn PHOTO BY: Rachelle Bowden INGREDIENTS … [Read more...]