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I am sure you have heard of Oriental Trading Comany because they have EVERYTHING you need for party supplies, fundraising prizes, personalized items and basically anything you need to make your celebration perfect. I have worked with them many times, my favorite being the Candy theme party that was successful because of the items they supplied! But did you know that they also have everything you need for Halloween, INCLUDING THE COSTUMES? Halloween decorations, candy, they have it all!

I didn’t know! Honest I didn’t even think about it until I went to their site and saw hundreds of Halloween costumes to choose from!



I just happen to be needing a costume for my cruise coming up with a Halloween theme night and I took some time to look at all of the women’s costumes and there were so many that it was hard to choose but I settled on this one:


I nearly went with Red Riding Hood but something about the Musketeer costume totally caught my eye. Totally going to have to change the boots though, deck parties in heels? Not for this girl!

And in case you are wondering, YES, they do have dog costumes too!


Super cute, right? I could literally browse costumes all day on Oriental fact I did just that a couple days ago!


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