Hometown Paratriathlete is Heading to Rio 2016 Thanks To Smucker’s Uncrustables

If anyone has known me for a long time they know I am a MASSIVE fan of the summer games. Having been to Rio de Jeneiro, I wish so badly I could go back for the games. Incredible city, incredible scenery! My personal favorites are Gymnastics, swimming, diving, beach volleyball and track and field events. Sometimes I even enjoy the super long bike races.


This year, a Michigan local is heading to Rio thanks to Smucker’s Uncrustables. Melissa Stockwell isn’t just an amazing athlete, she is also a military vet. She is the definition of never giving up. She has one and a half legs and still competes in THREE sports on an Olympic level. She makes me feel like taking a walk or a jog! If that isn’t enough, she co-founded Dare2tri, a paratriathalon training club that focuses on helping other athletes with disabilities and visual impairments train to compete in paratriathalons. She turned her disability into something so super positive and that is why I wanted to tell you, my readers, about her.

…..and I am addicted to Uncrustables. I don’t care if I am near 40 years old, I cannot get enough of them. I had at least one Uncrustables (GRAPE!) a day through my entire last pregnancy, no joke!

I don’t usually get to watch the Paralympics because they air at different times and aren’t covered as much as the regular ones but I am going to find out how I can watch my new hero do her thing!


25 January 2016: Paralympic triathlete Melissa Stockwell poses for a shoot with Smuckers at Apex Studio in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Messages from Melissa Stockwell:


o   Like most Americans, my days are filled with activities that are important to me – from training to competing to being at home with my friends and family. Uncrustables are crucial to helping me feel unstoppable wherever my life takes, in whatever I am doing.

o   As I work to make Team USA I need to be the best I can be at all times. Uncrustables is part of what fuels me throughout my day and helps me feel unstoppable as I reach to be the best version of me possible.

o   Uncrustables are the perfect snack for me. I always have them on hand while at practice and while on-the-go. They really help me perform my best and give me the energy I need.

Messages from Uncrustables:

Uncrustables Unstoppable

As athletes prepare for the Olympic Games, their days are filled with training, work and family. To achieve their goals, they truly need to feel unstoppable. Uncrustables are designed to meet the various needs of the unstoppable family, with snacks putting smiles on faces and keeping everyone fueled to do the things they want to do.


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