Your Baby Can Read – Review


Not long ago I saw the infomercial on the tv where they had babu=ies and very young kids READING. I thought no way thats impossible. Your Baby Can Read is a system that you use with your child beginning at birth if you want. It has DVD’s, flash cards, and books. Aiden was about 9.5 months when we were given the Starter Kit. At this stage we can get him to watch the entire first DVD. When he was younger he wouldn’t. He also talks to the TV. The show will say “clap” and he responds. His most favorite though is the BABIES. He just loves seeing the smiling babies. We also read the book with him too. This book has lift up flaps. On the front of the flap is the word and when you lift it, there is a picture of what the word is underneath. Aiden loves to lift the flaps hehe.
5 DVD Set with Sliding Word Cards

I like the pace at which we are trying this program with him. I cannot devote hours per day for this program so he won’t be reading extremely early. But I can tell the wheels are turning in his head. And the DVDis one of only 2 things he will actually look at the tv for so I would say he is doing well!

Buy It:  The system retails for 199.95. You can get a 30 day trial for $14.95 , details are HERE.

Win It!! : Your Baby Can Read is giving away a starter kit to one of my lucky readers!

Thank You to Your Baby Can Read for supplying the product for Review!
The winner is comment # 102, Lily Kwan!
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  1. I like to read “Robert the Rose Horse” to them.  The “kerchoos!” in the story crack them up.

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    We enjoy reading “The Three Little Pigs” together.

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  8. I like Goodnight Moon

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  18. Purpelicious (sp?) is one of our fav books to read!

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    cat in the hat

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    the little red engine that could

  23. Madeline

  24. We’ve read “there’s a monster at the end of this book” at least a million times 🙂

  25. I love to read all the Little Miss and Mr. Men books to my little girl Madison. She is 9 mo. and gets so excited when I pull one of those little books out.

  26. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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    I enjoy reading The Hungry Caterpillar to the kids.

  36. My favorite book too read to my children is ” Gus and The Baby Ghost,” this was my favorite book when I was young.

  37. tiffany lane says:

    My favorite childrens book is “The Little Engine that Could”

  38. Dr. Suess books because we love the pictures LOL

  39. We love Sandra Burton’s: Snuggle Puppy. But our other favorite books to read are goodnight moon, where the wild things are,

  40. We like Goodnight Moon.

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  48. I must say that Dr. Suess collection of books are wonderful! My favorite is the Cat and the Hat!

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  49. Right now our favortie book is “How do dinosaurs eat their food”.

  50. We like to read our Christian nursery rhyme book.

  51. The Velveteen Rabbit

  52. My daughter is really into Dr Suess “Are you My Mother?”

  53. It was one of my favorites as a kid too, they love to be read “Stop That Ball.”

  54. They like the “Hungry Caterpillar”

  55. I love reading Sam’s Sandwich to them- All the fun flaps and bugs, eww! = )

  56. Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley. Adorable.

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    I like the read It’s Hard To Be Five.

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  59. Depends on the child.. With my youngest it is ABC by Dr. Seuss and the older one it is actually a prose/poetry book by Jeff Foxworthy Dirt on my Shirt..

  60. We love the Spooky Old Tree book!

  61. I like to read Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Dr. Seuss. I have 4 kids and we’re on our third copy of the book.

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  63. My daughter and I like to read Q Pootle 5! Thanks for the chance!

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  68. My fav is Best Night Out with Dad.

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  71. love reading Dr Seuss books!

  72. the ugly caterpillar is my favorite book to read to my daughter.

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  74. There’s a monster at the end of this book with Grover, yay!

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