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If there is one thing that is frustrating when you have kids, it’s finding age appropriate toys. My youngest child is 4 days away from 8 years old. If you look at toy packages, you can see they fall into two categories; Ages 3+ and Ages 8 and Up. The latter is the massive black hole we entered in the last couple years. My son is a bit advanced so toys meant for kids under 8 years old are too easy for him. He likes toys that keep him active and engage his brain. The angels must sing when a child hits 8 years old because there are so many more toys to choose from. And in this case, the awesomely fun Rockboard Scooter.


This scooter is different because it is self propelled by rocking the board up and down (using a chain/piston type mechanism, meaning you don’t have to take a foot off it to push. It has a small learning curve but it’s really easy. It comes in the box almost fully assembled you just snap the handles into the column really. Note: This scooter is much heavier in weight than normal scooters so be aware. This scooter even has a friggin’ kickstand!

Rockboard Scooter

Rockboard Scooter

Rockboard Scooter


(Before you type a comment telling me to get a helmet on my kid, know I am well aware. He wanted to try on the “swag” hat that Rockboard Scooter sent him and this video was like 10 seconds. So yeah, chill out..we KNOW.)

The Rockboard scooter comes in several colors and a couple different models. The one that Aiden was sent for this review is the Original Rockboard Scooter model and it retails for $199. They have mini versions for the younger kids too.

I am all for anything that gets my son out to play because that child is forever sitting playing electronics. I wanted his birthday to be active and thanks to Rockboard Scooter, he’s more active and having a blast!

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