Getting You Kid to LIKE the Bath? Make it FUN with Suave Kids Products!

Disclosure: So happy to share this blog post I created as a Suave Kids partner. The Disney, Frozen and Star Wars trademarks are used by Unilever pursuant to a license agreement with The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.


My son…the lovable awesome 8-year-old creature he is. I love him dearly but getting that child to take a bath on his own without begging him is near impossible. You would think he would WANT to at least smell better. He has to make sure his HAIR is perfect every day, why not make sure the rest of you smell great too?


One thing that helps him realize that taking a bath isn’t evil, is having the right products for him to use. He MUST have a delicious smelling soap/body wash and it has to be one product that does it all. He doesn’t have time for 3 zillion different bottles of stuff. Enter Suave Kids body wash, with an added super cool factor… STAR WARS! He felt pretty special when this arrived! 3-in-1 products that wash hair and bodies so there is no need for extra products with amazing scents like “Galactic Fresh” and “Hyperspace Apple” are a total bonus!

The all in one is the reason I love it, I can use it on his hair and everything! Plus the scent of apple OH MY – I sniff the poor kid’s head constantly,haha!


We also received some amazing hair gel.


Remember how I mentioned that my kid likes perfect hair? Well he has been using this gel daily to get the right hair for school. It is funny to me that he went from needing MOM to style it to being able to style his own hair in the morning. My baby is growing up!


Navigating life with 8-year-olds is an adventure and this is the last 8 year old I will have so I am enjoying the process. With 20 years of parenting under my belt, I am glad I know what will work, what will get my kids to enjoy the daily life chores like bathing, and more than that, I am glad that Suave Kids and Disney came up with such a great product that we all enjoy!



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