Necklaces, Gnomes, and Glitter, Oh My! Creativity For Kids Art Activities

If there is one thing I learned this summer, it is that my one and only daughter needs a sister because that child was bored bored bored. Towards the end of summer, however, she was lucky enough to receive some art kits by Creativity For kids from Faber Castell. She got a kit to make

Tile Art Necklaces

Deluxe Glitter Art

and also a Gome Garden that grows grass. Super cute.


The thing with my daughter is that she is un-organized so crafts with a lot of pieces tend to lose pieces fast. She did use the glitter art to make an adorable jewelry box! And with the necklaces she had fun too, and the idea is cute but she had trouble getting the glue in the kit to be strong enough. I had told her wait until it dries before handling!

Last but not least is the Gnome Garden. This kit had cute little mushrooms you can paint and my daughter let her little brother help. You put the growing medium in, decorate with all the pieces included and plant the grass.

(don’t worry about the gnome on his side, he was taking a nap!)

We’ve had to plant it twice because the first time she didn’t put the tray in the light and only grew that single grass blade. We are hoping the grass comes up but I secretly hope to just plant some basil and thyme in it and see if I can get a crop before the first frost.

All of the activities kept her busy but the fairy garden and the glitter she likes the most. I think even at nine she loses patience with things that don’t work just right. Either way, these activities kept her busy for a bit.

Buy It: You can buy these three products online at the Creativity For Kids site via the store locater, or at!


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