Wusthof Chai Dao 7 Inch Hollow Edge Knife


There are few things I get excited more about as a chef than a brand new knife, ESPECIALLY when that knife comes from Wusthof! If you have read a few of my culinary reviews and past culinary school stories you will know that 99% of my knife kit is now Wusthof. I am brand loyal because they just fit my hands so damn good! I have a go-to knife for most everything but when it comes to chopping veggies I am using a small board at home and need a smaller knife. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to try out the 7 Inch Hollow Edge Chai Dao knife!


I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this knife for my pepper and onions. I use green peppers every day as my husband has them in his daily 6 egg power omlette. I also use tomato in them but I prefer my serrated knife on tomatoes. Back to peppers. Honestly the divots in the blade are like little seed magnets leaving actual edible stuff on the board. I love it. Just makes the whole process faster.



The slight curve on the bottom of the knife is perfect for slicing..the classic way to really get slicing and dicing is to not lift the tip of your knife of the board. Think of it as a paper cutter blade, up and down motion. No sawing, no back and forth. Also with this knife, because it is 7″ it isn’t overwhelming or scary in size. I’ve had this knife for a bit and because I have professional knives and skills I know that I have to hone the edges of my knives to keep them sharp. This knife hones VERY well. My chef knife gets 100 passes on the honing steel for each side, this knife requires about half of that.

You can purchase the Wusthof Hollow Edge Chai Dao knife for around $119, from online retailers and in store retailers as well, and you can find them by visiting the locator page on the Wusthof site.

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  1. palme miller says:

    Thanks for your review of the 7 inch chai daio. as I eagerly await its arrival to add it to my Wustohof collection, that has aided me in my professional food career for the past twenty years. I was also a professional photographer for fifteen years .Keep up the good work. Sincerely; Palmer E Miller.

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