No More Lost Lids! Rubbermaid Containers with Easy Find Lids


Rubbermaid is known best as a food storage company but you already knew that. Something you might not know is that they have a  line of products that make it extremely easy to keep track of your lids. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Containers’ lids are not only designed to fit the bottom of the containers but also still fit when you stack the containers. Also the lids snap onto one another, and you can life the whole stack together!

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids

I was recently asked begged to make my famous cookies for my class at college and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give the containers a test. To be honest I was rather shocked 2 dozen cookies easily fit the container


Now because most times that you take a container anywhere, the lid inevitably gets lost, I fully prepared for having to search for the lid and give up but then I remembered the lid sort of “snaps” to the bottom. That meant the lid wouldn’t have to be set aside and when class was over and the bowl was empty (they are amazing cookies, what can I say?) all I had to do was pull the lid from the bottom, snap it back on and tuck it in my bag.

But the real star in this is that you can stack the lids on each other and under the containers in the cabinet, which for most people is a nightmare because they will lose them. Not so with this product. In my life I don’t like wasting time looking for lids so I give up and go without them, but no more. This product is time and space saving and that means it is a good product for me to recommend to my fellow readers who like to save time too!

You can get the 24 piece set for a very very affordable price of only $10.99! Get yours here!


Disclosure: As a Rubbermaid Ambassador I am being compensated for my time and articles but opinions are all my own.

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