No Shame In My Freshness Game – A Summer’s Eve Tale

Ok ladies, let’s talk about how hot and gross this summer has been. Let’s talk about just sitting outside and dripping with sweat under every fold and in any crack. I know you don’t want to talk about it but let’s do the public a service and talk about staying fresh “down there” in this rediculous heat. Before you click away, let’s get real. You know your sweating down there, that is unless you are never outside. And even then, you still might want to freshen up between showers.

As I type this I am exactly a week away from a music festival in Hershey PA. Not just any festival, this is the Mixtape Festival, that means my 5 boyfriends New Kids on the Block, along with a bunch of acts from the 90’s a couple from the 00’s. It’s going to be an amazing time…except for one thing. It’s going to be 89 degrees and 64% humidity. Basically it’s supposed to rain and be hot and sweaty. This is on top of all of us women getting hot and sweaty because the grown up versions of our favorite boy band like to rile us up at performances.

Secret Weapon: Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths and Feminine Wash.


Summer’s Eve® products are specifically formulated for the vaginal area, one of our body’s most-sensitive areas, to help cleanse away odor-causing bacteria and keep you feeling confident throughout all of life’s moments. Summer’s Eve® products are clinically and gynecologist tested for safety, and help maintain a healthy pH. The gentle formulas are also hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, which means they won’t irritate sensitive skin.


There is nothing I hate more than feeling like i’m not clean down there and I refuse to let muggy sweat get me down at the festival. Not only am I packing these wipes for my trip, I am handing some to my friends too because I bet they are going to say, “Wow, my lady is even sweaty”.  Amazing how as you get older, the subjects you talk about are pretty much endless. But I don’t mess around with being healthy down there, since my Hysterectomy a year ago I don’t have that natural flushing, so I keep on top of things and keep it fresh. I have no shame in my freshness game.

With humidity and temperatures being sky high this summer, I am so glad I was asked to try these products because they really do help things stay fresh down there! These products are tested by gynecologists to be proven safe, and the pH balance means you’re sensitive tissues won’t get irritated, which is good because there is nothing worse than hot, sweaty AND itchy down there. I take the wipes in my purse and even gave some to my teenage daughter for her to feel fresher after her cycles. We’re huge fans.


The information, products, and gift card have been provided to me by Summer’s Eve®.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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