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Ok, so you have been following this garden event for a month now and you are interested but for some of you, what stops you, is SPACE. For this I offer the solution of using a container! There are a lot of different kinds of containers but for this event we wanted to try the EarthBox, which is a kit that you put together and its not just dirt. Its a tray that has water underneath and has a built in drainage system to effectively grow your plants. It also comes with plant food and fertilizer to kick start your growing!

I set up my box and its ready for seedlings but since I want to use it explicitly for my culinary herb garden, I needed to get all the seeds for it and that means that soon I will be able to show some herb progress! I had a conversation with Christine, she has been using her Earthbox for a bit and tells me that her stuff grew SO much that she had to think it out! I can’t wait to see how my herbs do!

So here is what I got the box with the tray, and wheels (I didn’t put them on) and the plant food and dolomite. Under the tray is where the water is! Watering in this way helps prevent disease.

What I had to do was fill the corners first with  soil and then fill the tray up to about 2 inches below the top. Then I had to spread the dolomite, cover it, make a trench and add the plant food, then cover that and it was done. After that you put a cover on it.

And what you want to do next is plant your seedlings but in this system you cut holes in the cover and plant the seedlings so that your system is completely covered and the magic happens in the box with the unique mix of plant foods and dolomite, all the nutrients go right to the plants and the watering is done through the bottom of the box, the roots soak up just what they need. Earth box plant yeilds are said to be very large. I know for me I cannot wait to see my herbs thrive in my box!

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  1. I was amazed of this new technology of earth boxes. Nowadays, garden space were minimal especially for those living in an urban area with buildings and cemented floors is all you can see. With this Earth Box, we could start reinventing our homes with green patches of leaves and flowering plants.

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