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As someone who has been using the internet as long as there has been AOL, you can imagine the amount of computer mice we have gone through over the years! I was presented with the opportunity to try the ErgoMotion Laser mouse by Smartfish Technologies, thanks to the Family Review Network.


I can say firstly this mouse is rather large and definitely feels different under your hand because it literally doesn’t touch the surface of the desk. It takes some getting used to because you move the entire thing less than a normal laser mouse. It looks futuristic the way it seems to float on air..


Its designed to be less stressful on your hands and wrists so there is less stress on them when working. I have had blogging days where my hands and wrists are just killing me because I was typing so much. I have noticed less fatigue at my wrist since using this mouse. I do have to say that I love that the mouse is wireless. But as with other wireless mice I have a problem remembering to turn them off, but I’m getting better at remembering. This mouse has a storage area for the signal receiver so it makes it easy to take with you. After using this mouse and giving it a proper trial run I can say I really do like it. Its still bigger than I like it but its great for the home computer.

Buy It: You can get your ErgoMotion Laser Mouse at Amazon for $49.99


This post was written for Family Review Network & Smartfish Technologies who provided an ErgoMotion Laser Mouse for me to review. Opinions are completely my own.

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  1. If Smartfish Technologies’ new wireless ErgoMotion Laser Mouse proves successful, it’s possible other mouse makers may experience an “I wish we would have thought of that” moment. That’s because the ErgoMotion takes a fairly simple, yet new, approach to address a fairly complex, yet old, technology-related problem: repetitive strain injuries.

    Smartfish Technologies ErgoMotion Laser Mouse

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