Stylish and Comfortable! Sandals by Rhea Footwear

It’s summer all right. As in, it’s at least 90 degrees outside today. Not that I want to go outside but if I do it will be with as little clothing as I can modestly get away with and definitely flip flops. Or are they sandals? Either way they are a must in the summer and for this summer I am blessed to have a pair from Rhea Footwear.

I wanted white because it matches everything and I wanted simple but they had to be comfortable, as my last pair pretty much screwed up my feet. I never have feet problems until recently wearing crappy shoes. The Eva Classic pair that I was sent are perfect. Not only do they have cushion but get this, they are also slip resistant!! I don’t know about you but I slip and slide all over our local dollar general so not slipping anymore has been a breath of fresh air!

The most comfortable flip flops I’ve worn to date from the amazing @rheafootwear ! #bloglinkinprofile

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The Eva classic sandals in white that I reviewed retail for $39.99. Rhea has several styles of shoes all with the never slip, including boots, flats and slip ons 🙂 all found at Rhea Footwear Women’s Collection

Rhea Footwear


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