Perfect Solution for Chefs – Stain and Waterproof Shirt!

If there is one thing that is the bane of anyone who has ever taken a cooking class, semesters of classes or even if you are a chef, the #1 thing we deal with every single day is STAINS. Something always splatters on the chef jacket, or shirt if you don’t wear the jacket. I came home from every single class with at least one spot. One time I permanently stained my coat with mexican Molè. What I needed back then was a spill proof and waterproof coat and shirt and guess what? They exist!

Threadsmiths  sent me a shirt to review, and I had to try it right away. There really is no way to tell you about what it does so I am just going to show you with this video!

Threadsmiths Repellant Shirt from Candace Reid on Vimeo.

Isn’t that the cooooolest? The nano-tech in the shirt lasts for up to 80 washes! (machine or hand in cold water)!! They are NATURALLY repellent using the hydrophobic properties of the lotus flower meaning they are green too!

Actually now that I think about it, this shirt would be perfect for my teenager who gets mad easily when he gets  a tiny spot of anything on his shirt. He will refuse to wear it and wash it by hand and dry it. a lil’ more convenient to just have a shirt that repels everything!

Buy It: You can buy Threadsmiths shirts on their site. They retail for $65 with $15 shipping (they are coming out of Australia )

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