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I had no idea that Casio made watches, I thought they only made keyboards. We own a Casio keyboard and love it. We also own a small point and shoot camera from Casio. Its a company that has been around for a very long time!

Casio asked me if i would like to review some watches and my husband needed one badly at the time so I jumped on it. I needed one just to have one, and they sent me the Baby G 3000M watch, white with a pink face. Its great for me because its VERY easy to read and you can see the digits clearly in the daytime. Its got a light, stopwatch, 5 different alarms and something that came in handy recently, its got the time zone changes for selected cities around the world. This one came in handy for me when I went to Brandcation last month because I had to switch planes in Chicago which is an hour behind me, then fly back over the time zone on the way to Orlando. I just hit a button on my watch and it was the right time each time. I love it. And its pink. I am a huge fan of pink! And its also waterproof which is good because it got dunked several times when I was doing the dishes in my culinary class this semester. The Baby G retails for $99 but  \you can get it at Amazon for $65!

My husband got very lucky and Casio sent him a Pathfinder PAW2000-1. To me its a fancy watch it does it all. My husband actually wrote a review of his own for his watch and this is what he said:

This is a great watch with so much for people on the go.  I like the idea of solar power/not having a dead watch all of a sudden then buying another one because of the hassle and generally wondering if there’s a better watch out there anyway.  I had a few things that I did not like, such as it was either pinching my wrist on top or sliding (could not get the perfect spot for a while).  Seems to break in but at first I did not like it.  The other issue and it’s kind of a big one I would think for people who use watches as alarms.  I could never hear the alarm go off unless I was already awake.  However, I have three of the five alarms set to remind me how much time I have left to get ready.
It’s fairly easy to learn the watch, but after putting away the manual for a few weeks I would be totally lost but there aren’t a lot of ways you can mess up really.  The learning curve is mostly just knowing what features you have.  So spend some time with the manual and check out the features.
The big plus is the display is nice and big, easy to read, and the backlight is just right also.
Although the watch does not scream “status” it does say “I have a good watch that will last a long, long time” and I do feel proud to wear it.  I use my iPhone as an alarm so I have all kinds of alarms going off maybe that’s why I don’t hear it lol.

I can tell you my husband cannot live without his watch now, he uses it SO MUCH in his classes. And we both absolutely love the quality of the bands on these watches. Its one of the reasons I waited a while to post the review because I didn’t want to rush it without testing the bands, the first part that usually breaks on cheaper watches. Greg’s Pathfinder watch retails for $350 but you can get it at Amazon for $234!!

Disclosure: Product(s) were provided to facilitate this review. However opinions remain my own.

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