When Luxury Meets Affordable – Toyota Avalon


It’s been a while since I got to test drive a sedan, so I was very eager when I heard I would be getting the 2016 Toyota Avalon Limited to play with. I’ve done a lot of car reviews but what makes them hard is that I involve my family (not a bad thing) but my 19 year old son is a total car enthusiast. This causes him to say things like “You can’t say it’s a nice ride mom, you need to tell people why they should buy this car!” So here I am telling you why we loved it.

Design: My gosh she is just streamlined gorgeousness.


The outside is impressive enough but the inside is even better. All leather and wood finish, even the handle on the inside of the door is padded and leather for comfort. They thought of the smallest details for luxury with this one. It’s like having a Beamer without the higher price tag.



Have you ever seen a more gorgous headlight design?



The wheels were gorgeous 18 inch chrome alloy…


If you want the total specs on the car click here and read them, but I will save you time and tell you what I, mom of 3 appreciate on this car:

  1. Heated and airconditioned front seats. This summer was brutal! Also the seats wrapped my sides like a race car seat it was perfection for comfort.
  2. Smooth Ride. We had to drive through construction a lot and never really noticed. The shocks and suspension were that superb.
  3. Vented back seats and climate control knobs in the back, the kids were able to do their own thing.
  4. Sound. Okay this is more important to the male adults in my family but they both said that the sound was good!
  5. Roomy back seat. I have two teens and an 8 year old. Even with his backless booster seat we all fit in the car with plenty of leg and head room.
  6. Push ingnition and bluetooth. I know these are becoming standard but I drive a 16 year old van and nothing is easy.


I feel like this car was built solid and beautifully. The Limited model is fully loaded and starts at $40k so this is a true luxury model. It’s a serious investment but one that might just be the last car purchase you need to make. Also, if you have phones that allow wireless charging, this car has a charger for it along with the usual USB charge ports. They have thought of everything with this car!



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