2017 Mitsubishi Lancer SEL Review

In a long line of cars that I have had the pleasure to test drive over the years, I have always kept a running list of what was my favorite. I had the pleasure of test driving a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer┬áSEL recently and let me tell you, if I had the means to have two cars, this would be one of them. My 19 year old son seriously looked into leasing one while we had this car, he liked it that much. My husband also realllllly liked it, the handling, the “get up and go”, and many other things. A couple of my favorite things about this car were the fuel economy (I was getting 29 MPG on the highway!) and the sound system was incredible. And if you know me, I like BASS in my car and the Lancer had amazing sound thanks to a Rockford Fosgate system.

The inside of the car was fully trimmed in leather, which I appreciated because the seats looked sharp!

And while we are on the subject of seats, let me tell you, the seats in this car are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in for a car this size. This car can comfortably fit 4, it isn’t tiny compact but it also is no SUV. When I say comfortable I mean the seat backs have been designed to support the sides of your back too, not just the whole back. The steering wheel was just the right size for me. I have never been in a race car but I can imagine it feeling like this car.

Another thing I liked about this car was the console. Mind you I normally drive cars that are about 20 years old so bells and whistles sometimes overwhelm me. Not with this car. There were only 3 knobs to figure out for the air. Simple and perfect.

lastly, let’s talk about the sound. I have a crappy car system so I love testing the music on cars and this one was one of the very best, like EVER. I just couldn’t believe how much power it had. But then I opened the trunk and saw just exactly WHY it packs a punch: 10 inch subwoofer, and 710 watts of power.

As a mom, I can appreciate that this car had a couple of safety features that I loved. One was automatic wipers. Not only did they adjust speed depending on how much moisture was hitting the windshield but they also detected when it was SNOWING even lightly and when that happened, the car sent a warning that the roads could be icy based on the temperature and snow. This is a 5 person car but boasts 7 airbags, has a backup camera and stability control.

With so many features packed into a compact car it’s hard to believe that this car starts out at only $17k and change! Even fully loaded with all the extras it is still affordable which makes this car in my top 3 favorite cars to review EVER.

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