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The economy has forced a lot of people to learn new ways to save money. This is especially true for people who want to stretch their dollar and buy things with more than one use. Baby Magic, one of the most respected names for baby care, and in my family the best smelling, has items that definitely fit the description. Baby Magic sent me some Baby Wash, Baby Powder and Creamy Baby Oil for review:


Creamy Baby Oil: Alternate Uses: Makeup Remover, moisturizer. I can say with certainty that everyone in the family has been using this as lotion because its very cold here and running the heat makes it so very dry. I of course love the smell. I don’t wear makeup a lot but next time I am going to try it as a remover! I also use it in my cloth wipes solution!


Baby Powder: Alternative Use – Foot Powder. And you can bet your Christmas Ham that I am using this stuff in my son’s sneakers. He is only 12 but his feet smell terrible. His shoes are always sweaty too from recess and school. I have also been pouring a little into the baby’s diaper bin. I can say the powder is definitely helping the smell!


Baby Wash: Alternative Uses – Makeup Remover, Mild Facial Cleanser – This is tear free so its supposed to be safe for eye area use in removing makeup. Again I don’t wear makeup but I will try it! I do use cloth baby wipes though and this stuff also goes into that solution with the oil. I have used it as a facial cleanser because the stuff I use made me break out but this I just use in the shower real quick and it doesn’t dry out.

I’d have to say I have tried every brand on the market for baby lotions and things and Baby Magic has always smelled the best. I used it when Ihad my first son over 12 years ago and the smell just takes me right back. And its been very gentile on skin. Even the guys with Eczema. Baby Magic gets two thumbs up from us!

You can go to the Baby Magic site to learn more about these products and find where they are sold 🙂

Baby Magic provided products to me free of charge for review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.

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  1. I LOVE Baby Magic! I always loved the smell of their products for my kiddos!!

  2. I LOVE Baby Magic too
    i admit it

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