Baby Einstein Discovery Kits In Stores Now

The people at Baby Einstein have come up with a new way to help you interact with your baby and try and teach them a few things while you are playing. I know personally I bought the Baby Einstein DVD’s when Aiden was a baby to occupy him while I folded laundry or something quick. He loved them. The new kits contain a DVD, CD, and cards, or a book, depending on the stage you are at. I attended a webinar last month and we were able to ask the makers of the product and the consulting Psychologist questions. There were some really great questions. Also we got some great advice for the best ways to get involved with reading to our kids

The kit I got was level 2, Wild Animal Safari. This one is geared for older babies. I loved the animals on the DVD. However, when we were invited to participate with the program I had a feeling at age 2 , Aiden would be too old to get a lot out of the program and sadly I was right. If he was around 18 months old it would have been just right. The colors and exciting music and words would have kept his interest longer. My only question at the webinar was, “Is Baby Einstein planning on making videos and learning aids for toddlers in the 2-3 age group” because he was really just too old for it and he won’t sit and look at the cards long enough. He is two and runs a million miles an hour so he needed more.

Best For: This product is in my opinion best for kids under age 2. It could just be me and my high energy kid but he was clearly bored. I know 6 or 7 months ago he would have loved it. I am keeping the cards for use in teaching my son later some animal facts when he is a preschooler.

Buy It: You can get the Baby Einstein Discovery Kits for your baby at Amazon for just $13.99 🙂

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