All Purpose Lawn Cart from Plow and Hearth

I am blessed to have a very large yard and back woods. However one drawback to that is when I started my garden I knew I would have to walk a distance to get from my greenhouse to my garden. I also knew I needed something to mix my dirt in for making my seedlings. I decided to use the All-Purpose Lawn Cart that Plow and Hearth sent me to do just that. In case you haven’t heard of Plow and Hearth, they are a big online store that carries a massive selection of outdoor furniture and tools, as well as indoor furnishings and even apparel! The cart arrived in one piece I just had to adjust the handle to full height, all that took was loosening a few nuts and bolts. It really sturdy, it has 7 inch wheels and has a 17 gallon capacity!

I think my most favorite feature is that the size and design are perfect to fit INSIDE my greenhouse! I wheeled it in there and keep it and the dirt right in my greenhouse to quickly and easily make my seed cubes and not have to mess around transporting bags of dirt. Its so easy. On a side note, if you need a contractor to handle all of this for you, you can click here.


There are a lot of different uses for the cart, from clearing dead leaves from last fall to new yard clippings, transporting bags of potting soil, the uses go on and on. And for its capacity and size its decently priced at just $49.99! Its priceless to me because even though I am pretty strong my arm strength sucks on its own so I appreciate not having to carry heavy bags of soil and compost to the back yard!

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  1. All these reviews have me drooling- now if only there was a Mantis tiller – I asked Santa for that 🙂

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