Unique And Awesome Candy Buffet Ideas, You Need Before Your Next Party!


There are candy buffets and then, there are candy buffets! While we have never seen a bad (though some come close) candy buffet, we have seen many that are basic and some that are incredible! It does not take much more effort, or more money to make a fantastic candy buffet. It does take a little more imagination and creativity. If you are running low in those two areas, no worries. We have some wonderful and creative candy buffet ideas that we give you permission to steal them!


First things first

No matter what theme, decor, and color schemes you choose, the most important part of your candy buffet is the candy. Having a bulk candy store with a good selection, prices, and the experience to help you is a must.


Candy tips:

  • Order your candy at least two weeks before your event or three if you are in a major candy holiday season like Christmas or Easter
  • Choose two or three colors and stay within hues of those colors
  • Layer the candy for more dramatic presentation
  • Fill your jars or vases ¾ way full and if you would like to label or decorate the container, do so near the top so the candy is visible.
  • Plan on 8-ounces of candy per guest. Adjust if you serve other foods.
  • Know your budget before you begin and allow the candy store representative to assist you in finding unique candy in your price range
  • If you order chocolate, be aware of the temperatures of the area and the storage requirements. Also, add a few dollars for expedited shipping if there is a danger of the chocolate melting

We are assuming you understand the basics of setting up a candy buffet. The table set up is important for the visual effects you want. If you need assistance, click here.


Awesome ideas

  • Country Rustic Charm
    • This buffet is old-fashioned and vintage.
    • Use wooden tables or wooden barrels for your candy table
    • Decorate with wicker, sunflowers, and country chic items
    • Mason jars make great candy holders
  • Easter candy lane
    • Decorate your table in the style of a holiday walk down candy lane. Gumdrops make a great outline for the road and small pieces of candy leading to the centerpiece are delightful for young children. Don’t forget colorful grasses and eggs
    • The centerpiece is an Easter scene, a basket of goodies, Easter Bunny, Chick, or giant colored egg. You can fill in empty spots with Lilies, mini-baskets, or small plastic eggs nestled in patches of colored coconut grass.
  • Beach Buffet
    • The beach buffet is made with sand, surf, and sea. Use plastic buckets and shovels for candy dishes. Decorate with flowers, seashells, sunglasses, and flip-flops. Use colorful beach towels for your tablecloth and backdrop. Do not discount the fun beach toys, mini-umbrellas, mini-beach balls and other fun things you can get at your local dollar store.
  • Family tree
    • Make a candy buffet that is for your family only. (Of course, you will share it with your guests). Stage photographs of your family that others have not seen. Include grandparents and baby pictures. Use free online resources to print the town you lived in the year of your birth. Make a chalkboard of prices of that year for bread, gas, eggs, homes, and automobiles. Use vintage candy dishes and old-fashioned candy from your childhood. This is perfect for a parents birthday, family reunion, baby shower or wedding.


Don’t stop here. Use your own imagination and come up with ideas that are unique and fun for you and the guests you will be entertaining. The candy buffet can be anything you love. From a music theme to a theme of your favorite city, make it your own and have the most creative candy buffet your guests have ever seen.


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