My Flat Screen TV Stand is Dying

Somehow when we upgraded to a flat screen a couple years ago, we inherited this old entertainment center. I thought it was solid. It turns out that it was in two pieces and the top that held the TV was almost free moving, which is scary because we have a toddler. But also its not solid! AND whats worse is its in the basement and we had flooding last summer and the particle boards are damaged. This means I can’t even move it unless I get a new stand. I think its actually something I plan to buy this summer. I’m scared out current stand is going to break 🙁

I’ve been shopping online for TV stands for flat screens. We have a 42′ flat screen that we love but it could use a proper stand. Like the one in the picture man that one looks so nice. That one is probably a 60′ TV stand. I can’t imagine ever having a TV that large but then again I live in a somewhat small house.

Which brings up a subject of using corner TV stands to save room. We used to have this gorgeous Oak unit, it was god awful heavy. it was nice though and rugged. It was made for box TV sets of course but I liked that it was space saving. The drawback of course is that while you CAN use the unit outside of the corner it will look funny just being triangular against a flat wall. For my money I would choose a unit like the one in the photo but brace the TV against the wall. I am forever paranoid that my TV is going to fall on my kid. also we have a 12 year old stereo set that still works well and we need to have a place for that so I would have to choose a set that allows room for that.


Do you have kids? Do you have extra precautions you take with your flat screen?


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