I Heart Coffee

I talk about coffee a lot. I drink coffee and enjoy trying new flavors. I’m an ambassador for a company that deals with coffee. So when I say I love coffee, I mean I LOOOOVE it. I love it the most when its late August and I have college about to start up again. I get so anxiety-ridden the week before classes start and I really rely on coffee to keep me going. Of course now that I am in a time crunch to finish my courses thanks to my college eliminating my program, I have to take 5 more credits than usual. Therefore its going to be fun this fall trying some new Gourmet coffee flavors to find the best.Its not that I don’t like the usual grocery store type coffee, I mean I guess I am kind of a food snob because I think gourmet coffee tastes better and stays fresher.

I like to have coffee in the mornings but need to WAKE UP. Also need to have another wake up coffee in the afternoon. When I’m not interested in waking up as much, I like to have a cup of Flavored coffee. I love anything with caramel and my most favorite flavor of coffee recently would have to be caramel mocchiato. I don’t buy coffee at places usually I make it at home. If I can, I order it and then just buy flavored creamer. I find its cheaper sometimes to get gourmet coffee in bulk online. Its not that I don’t like shopping I just prefer to have coffee shipped to my home and I am grateful there are companies that offer that.

Coffee really does have some good health benefits too. I think the most surprising one I know is what my chef told me, he said that if you have a cup of black coffee everyday you can lower your diabetes risk by a third. That is an amazing benefit!


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