Finding the Right Stroller

There are many strollers on the market today with many different price ranges. Your needs will depend so greatly on where and how often you will be strolling with your child. For me, I don’t stroll often in say, a mall, but I stroll a little off-road or in town. There aren’t sidewalks in the country so I have to travel into town. I need a stroller that can handle some tougher terrain but also roll smoothly and beautifully. I have been a mom for nearly 13 years so I have seen a lot of strollers and dreamed to own many. My newest dream stroller brand isΒ  Zooper Stroller. I think the most all around model that fits MOST needs is the Bolero ($399):

It’s got function and style and its lightweight enough to take anywhere!

If you want something more high end and chic, then there is the Flamenco ($799)

When you are looking for a stroller make sure you try them out. If you are a tall person you’ll want a stroller with an adjustable handle. If you are a frequent shopper, you will want to look into a model with a nice size basket underneath. If you are in the north like me, an optional winter boot would be a great thing to have. And while not everyone needs to have strollers with cup holders, I do wish I had one on mine because Aiden is going to need sippy cups this summer when we stroll and I don’t have a holder.

For me my favorite stroller is the one that turns on a dime, is lightweight and folds compactly, and is plush for my little man. Sort of a cross between the Flamenco and Bolero πŸ™‚ And I already have a red stroller so maybe something in blue next time!

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