5 Main Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Search and selection of the right moving company is a responsible assignment as these people will be entrusted not only with keys to your new house but with all your belongings as well. Therefore, it is essential to prepare list of inquiries for your movers. These questions may be regarding means of transportations, estimation process, packing materials, storage facilities along with time of arrival and overall schedule.

After narrowing down your list of movers.best it is important contacting them and asking next questions:

  1. Make sure the company provides its full name, address, phone number – all contact details, along with license information. Ask about website and after you can look for online reviews and verify all provided data;
  2. Clarify whether the moving company subcontracts orders;
  3. How the firm provides quotes? More accurate estimation requires personal presence of company’s representative and this is especially vital when we are dealing with long-distance move;
  4. Also important planning your budget and asking about basic rates and additional costs that may include dissembling of bulky furniture, going up or down stairs, and many more. Also find out about packing services and how they handle fragile and breakable items.
  5. Type of insurance also matters as if it is partial you may require services of a third party to ensure 100% coverage;
  6. Ask about storage facilities. Usually this requires additional payment and you may need them if dealing with long-distance move;
  7. Don’t forget to discuss your estimated delivery date;
  8. Ask how can you contact movers during the process and in case of emergency;
  9. Also ask moving company to supply you with references.

Reputable and legally operating company won’t be having any problems with providing all this information and you will be sure they are frauds.

How to make moving less stressful?

If you are dealing with move for the first time, chances are great that this experience still will be quite stressful. In order to make the procedure as flawless as possible follow next recommendations

Looking for ways to ease the process of moving? Here we will provide you with few recommendations that might be useful for planning your relocation:

  • Use services of only established, licensed moving company; before hiring read reviews. Find out more about insurance coverage to be completely safe for your belongings;
  • Plan your budget in advance. Find out about additional charges you may face;
  • Legal documents like passports, wills, contracts and other important documents better keep in separate folder closer to you.

With the right attitude the whole process will be smooth and stress-free.

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