Wordless Wednesday – Three Years Old

My youngest baby is turning 3 on Saturday!

1 Year Old

2 Years Old



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  1. WOW!!! Happy birthday big boy!! His eyes are to die for! And I love that photo of you two. How precious, just lovely!

  2. You have got to link up costume pics on my Halloween bash later this month – love that last one -OMGosh 😉

  3. What a cutie!! Hope he has a fabulous birthday and you have a great day enjoying him.

  4. Happy birthday little boy..Stay as adorable as you are..Hope he has a fabulous birthday and you have a great day enjoying him.

  5. He looks so much like you! Happy birthday cutie pie!

  6. So adorably cute!!!! Happy Birthday little man!

  7. These are great! It goes by WAY too fast!

  8. so cute – happy birthday big boy!

  9. He is so precious. Time goes by so much faster when you have kids. Happy Birthday to Aiden by the way. Great pics!

  10. Oh-boy, you are in trouble! There is some serious canooddling
    going on behind those adorable little eyes of his!

  11. OMg he is so adorable!!!!!!

  12. Happy B-day little sweetie pie! I know he will be a lady slayer with those huge eyes of his, when he is lots older of course 😉

  13. Just couldn’t be cuter. Really!

  14. I love that third photo what beautiful eyes

  15. what a sweetie!

  16. Oh how sweet! Happy Birthday!!

  17. Aww! He’s such a cutie pie! Love the costume too 🙂

  18. What a cutie! Happy Birthday!

  19. Yup, they grow far too fast!!

  20. Oh my gosh, those photos are awesome! Those last two are fantastic!

  21. Wow those photos are very good btw Happy Birthday lil kiddo…

  22. He looks like you! So cute!

  23. You just gotta enjoy this time. Its the most lovable age for them, and the most memorable time for you. Dont waste it.

  24. He looks so grown up! I love that last picture, so silly!

  25. Adorable then and now! I love his little expressions in the costume!

  26. He’s adorable!!!

  27. Happy Birthday to your little man!

  28. Mike Geary says:

    What a lovely boy you have! Aiden will surely be crowded by girls when he grow up and might be an actor because of his good looks.
    Happy Birthday to your son, Aiden!

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