Wordless Wednesday – Here Kitty

We went to the zoo for Aiden’s 3rd Birthday and the tiger was awake this time!

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  1. I LOVE when they come up close like that (as long as they don’t roar)!!!

    • The weirdest thing is we heard the lion roar across the whole zoo and saw him out and in a bad mood and roaring which was neat but then we heard this weird growl like wtf is THAT, turns out it was a tiger! It roared nothing like the lion it was crazy!

  2. He was nice & close to the glass too! cool to see one so close!

  3. I love big cats! Hare house cats! This is beautiful!

  4. I love all cats!!!

  5. oh my what a pretty pretty kitty!!

  6. Love that tiger. Had our zoo trip and tiger photo in my WW post last week. =)

  7. I LOVE tigers. They are just so pretty.

  8. It seems pretty universal that Tigers just don’t want to be awake when you want them to be lol.

  9. They are beautiful but freak me out!

  10. That is so awesome!

  11. Oh my gosh! He’s so close. Is that his latest victim’s shirt in the background?

  12. Eek! Tigers are so beautiful, yet they still freak me out!

  13. That is one BIG kitty. That’s when you are glad they are behind bars!

  14. They’re cute but still dangerous. I’m freaking out when I imagine those teeth whew

  15. I simply love tigers they are so majestic looking and the mascot to my favorite football team (Auburn) LOL.

  16. Cool photo! Tigers are so beautiful!

  17. Whoa! Big tiger!

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