Wordless Wednesday – From The Garden

I find it amazing each time I pick a piece of food from my garden that started as a little seed. This radish is one example and its surrounded by wild berries that grow from a tree in our yard and strawberries, that are doing very well!

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  1. YUM! Those look delicious!

  2. You know I love it!

  3. Pretty! I tried planting raspberries but never had any luck. Jealous!

  4. So awesome!! I really wish I could have a green thumb!

  5. We have those berries too! The kids LOVE picking them. I wish we didn’t have poison ivy or we’d be picking ALL of them. One year, I picked enough to make pie. That was super fun 😉

    And boy howdee do we have Radishes out here. I am not a fan of them though. What really cracks me up about our radishes is how they have these huge leaves and tiny fruit at the bottom.

    lovely pictures!!

    • i love radish in a salad! I planted them originally because they are a good companion to melons they really help the soil. For NOW we’re feeding them to the rabbit until they are producing more, then I imagine we’ll have salads! I need to plant more lettuce!

  6. Oh I love wildberries. I miss them, me and my grandmother used to pick them, clean them and then load them with sugar LOL

    • i have been told to grab a bed sheet and shake the tree that they are on, its a massive tree of beries! If I can do it and get enough I am thinking about making a pie!

  7. So yummy! I wish we had done a garden this year.

  8. Yummy! We have gotten one strawberry so far and that is it! Hopefully we get more here soon.

    • Our berry patch is planted in sand, no joke! 2 inches of sand above the topsoil. They aren’t huge berries but its just the first year crop. They are tasty though!

  9. YUMMY!

  10. Oh YUM! Radishes are so delicious fresh out of the garden! I miss having berry bushes! We always used to eat bowls of berries with milk and sugar at my Gram’s house! My poor kids hardly ever get berries since they’re ridiculously priced in the store!

  11. They look yummy! I’m the same way with my garden… always proud of myself and what I’ve grown.

  12. Those are all so beautiful! It’s so satisfying to grow your own food!

  13. It’s beautiful, I love how vibrant they all are

  14. YAY! So exciting! YUM!

  15. Mmmm! Looks good! We picked a few peppers this week and I am thrilled!

  16. I would love to plant berries – heck, I’d love to just keep my flowers alive all summer!

  17. we had a ton of wild black berry canes all around the yard, but they did not do well this year, and one patch hubby burned up when cleaning out a ton of leaves & weeds … but they look yummy! Have you ever made roasted radishes?

  18. Beautiful! I would love a raspberry bush some day.

  19. Love the photo!

  20. It is amazing…it’s amazing that we can grow our own food too (not depend on stores)…those looks tasty

  21. A healthy harvest.

  22. Now you’re making me wish I had grown some berries, those look so juicy!

  23. Cool picture! Congratulations on your garden…it seems to be doing well. I have a brown thumb, so I am always impressed with you ladies that do so well.

    • LeeAnn this is my first garden! The land has grown squash and tomatoes before but never anything else because of pests or not the ideal conditions. I had a fantastic head start with amazing products this time and I am so happy!

  24. Oh that looks delicious! I love food from the garden it is always the best!

  25. Blackberries YUM!!!!!

  26. Yummy! I love fresh from the garden fruits and veggies!

  27. Carolyn G says:

    There is nothing like fresh veggies and fruits

  28. Jennifer *Jennifer's Deals* says:

    Those look so good! I bet your garden looks great!
    I linked up! Thanks!

  29. Really hoping my raspberries come in hearty this year. So far they haven’t been very impressive. We had a fantastic strawberry picking season and I should’ve gone with everbearing and not June-bearing.

  30. THat’s delicious looking! I’ve got some GREAT tomatoes already this summer! Man, they are dreamy. Wonder what you plans for them berries are?

    • The strawberries are just going to be eaten. I think for the wild berries Im going to take a sheet and shake the tree and get as many as I can to make jam and also hopefully a pie!

  31. What a pretty picture.

    I never had any luck with berries. sigh…

  32. Those look amazing… the colors are so vibrant.
    I have been using my basil and parsley for weeks now and I just love it.
    I especially love the smell of the basil, I stick my nose into it and just sniff…. MMMMMM!
    I can’t wait ot see what else you get from your garden.

  33. These look great! I am a garden idiot so I am always impressed when people actually get produce from their own garden…I’m jealous! lol

  34. I love home grown berries. My grandfather had a whole thicket of raspberry bushes. My brother and I would brave the bees and flies to pick a basketful every few days when we were young. Delicious!

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