Wordless Wednesday – A Glimpse of My Future

My 14 year old at Brody Square on Michigan State University Campus for a tour of the dining hall with me. This might be him in 4 years, he wants to go for the FOOD!

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  1. It’s amazing how quickly it all goes once you’re a teenager! He’s a very handsome young man! 😀

  2. Nice! If he also goes into food you could open your own restaurant!

    • He will major in music, his first choice is Berkley School of Music but I told him MSU has some amazing programs. he doesn’t want to go there to cook food he wants to EAT it LOL! Opening a restaurant is not something I never want to do but I would LOVE to move to East Lansing to be closer to campus but also the city itself. I am tired of country living!

  3. He’s so handsome! Such a great shot!

  4. Oh – they grow too fast!

  5. Seriously, it goes so fast! My oldest is in her 3rd year and will be graduating early and my 2nd is in her first year! LOL Makes me crazy!

  6. Man, I’m not even ready to imagine those days yet. Great shot

  7. Good grief, it’s scary to think how old they’re getting huh? I freaked out this year when Mattison turned 10 and realized he’s almost a teenager.

    • Cat I hate to even say it but between 11 and 13 is when the MAJOR growing and puberty started for my kid, he is officially taller than me, his hands are bigger, he is just not a kid at all and 3 years ago he was its sad!

  8. They grow up WAYYYYY too fast!

  9. It will happen before you know it. And if he’s anything like my son, he’ll be telling you to stop texting so much and give him some space, lol.

  10. I refuse to think about my kids growing up to be that age! Although, I bet it’s nice to know he has aspirations and a five-year-plan!

  11. sounds like he’s got his priorities straight! 😉

  12. I can’t believe you have such a 14 year old! You look great or had him at 14 or something!

  13. Just 4 years away, can you believe it?

  14. Wow! He looks to old to be yours, but very handsome.

  15. They must have some great food on that campus! LOL!!

  16. OH how quickly they grow up and start talking about college! Mine has one more year of high school — eek! Great shot, he looks like he belongs there lol!

    p.s. I LOVE your theme – colors – logo – everything , LOVE it!

  17. And I thought I had it made with the salad bar and the soup bowl place back in college! haha (BTW he looks way older than 14 … watch out mama!)

  18. You look terrific! I can’t believe you have a 14 year old son. He looks ready to go. I remember being so excited about the college food back in the day.

  19. Following in your footsteps!

  20. I’m an MSU alumni and this made me wish I could go back! I remember the food as being pretty good when I was there.

  21. What a handsome son! Also I agree with the age thing. I was looking at photos of my brother who was about 11 when I had my son and he looks like such a young little thing and suddenly he turned 17-18 and suddenly he was a grown “man” lol it was scary. Owen turned 7 this year and I panicked a bit lol.

  22. I don’t even want to think about this age or college!

  23. It’s crazy how quick they grow!

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