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LOGOAs someone who’s been on photography for many years, I can say without a doubt I am constantly looking for ways to up my game. Now that I am a full time college student in a photography program, more than ever I want to ugrade. My current camera is a Nikon D90, which still works just fine but not as much as I want it to. It’s lacking focus points and speed that I need. I recently rented a camera and lens from and wanted to share with you my experience!

Now before you think this is just some ad, I assure you it is not, I paid fully for my rental back in May. I rented the Sony A6000 body and the 16-50mm e-mount lens. I rented this particular camera because I was going to a concert where I had the best seat in the house and my friend shared her pictures she took at the concert and I wanted it, bad. It’s mirrorless, very very lightweight and its low light performance with just the kit lens astounded me.

Want to see what I mean? Look at these collages I made from my seat at the concert!







As you can see renting that Sony was the best decision I ever made!

Renting equipment can be scary but let me tell you, going through the process could not be more simple!

  • First you go to and find the equipment that you want, choose the rental period you are looking for, then add them to the cart.
  • Checking out, you have the option to pay for damage protection. I declined because I knew I would not damage the camera, I am anal about people touching my stuff!
  • Shipping is around $30. I know that seems like a lot but its 2 days guaranteed both ways. They send you the label to send it back. You have to have it postmarked/scanned by the day you are supposed to return it. Also they include a packing list of everything you need to have in the box so there is no guessing game.

You get your tracking number and guaranteed delivery, and the box shows up with your rental! It’s lined with protective filling that keeps your rental safe from banging around.


Why do you think this option might be good for you? If you are like me and every other photography student in my classes, you simply cannot afford to upgrade. With this option you pay a fee and get to try out the equipment before you buy it. You can read 100 camera reviews but nothing really beats an actual hands on trial!

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Candace Reid is the owner and author of My Serendipity Life. She is the mother of 3 and a college graduate having earned her Associates Degree in Business for Hospitality/Food Service Management. an an AAS degree in Photographic Imaging from Lansing Community College. She also loves to blog about food, fun tech and travel. Email Candace


  1. Hello,

    Had a quick question. I am pretty new to the photography game and am looking to invest in a decent first (professional) camera. I have been looking around some, found a few i thought may fit the mold of what im looking for. Anyway, I read an article on that said the Canon EOS Rebel T6 With 18-55mm Lens was a decent camera to begin with that would last quite some time. My question is do you have any experience with this camera or do you have any recommendations on something similar that I may have overlooked?

    Thanks again!

    • My advice is if you are buying a camera based on an article and not by trying the camera in your hands, then you probably aren’t ready for a professional camera. That being said I have zero experience with Canon cameras, I shoot with Nikon.

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