Power Up Your Summer Nights with Energizer {Giveaway}

When I was a kid, if it was summer and the sun was up, I pretty much wasn’t allowed to sit around my house. No technology to be addicted to back then means we had to make our own fun. Sometimes we’d grab flashlights after dark! Catching fireflies was a nightly thing. But have you ever thought about keeping the party going after the sun goes down? Ever wanted to play volleyball at night? Enter Energizer® and the two coolest lights since sliced..well..lights lol! Energizer sent me a box of goodies that had new lights and batteries:


About these products:

  • Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries are the world’s first AA and AAA battery made with four percent recycled batteries.
  • Energizer headlights are lightweight, versatile and water resistant with pivoting functionality to direct light where you need it.
  • Energizer area lanterns are the safe, reliable way to provide bright 360° light long into the night, at the camp fire, or while weathering a storm.


  • Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight
  • Highest Performing of the Energizer vision headlights
    • 250 lumen output
    • Beam distance of 80M
    • Digital focus feature allows users to customize the light to the desired width
    • Water and impact resistant up to 1 meter


  • Energizer® Fusion LED Folding Lantern
    • 330 lumen output
    • Light fusion technology panel folds up for 360 degree delivering vibrant uniform area lighting
    • Sturdy stand on back of lantern allows for hands-free use
    • Two modes: high and low plus smart dimming technology for customizable light output


Okay, now aside from the fact we live in the country and have frequent power outages in bad storms, these lights are literally the brightest beacons in our flashlight arsenal. The lanterns boasts massive of power on 4 batteries and lasts even longer with 8. This one lit up the back yard very well. If you want it to last a really long time power it up with Energizer® EcoAdvanced® AA batteries.


But being the photographer I am I decided to put my education to practice and capture images with burned in light or just flashlight. The results? STUNNING..


For night photography you have to open the shutter as far as it can go, and slow down the shutter speed, which means using a tripod if possible. Also you can’t just put a flashlight under somebody’s face, they will look like a scary movie. Dramatic effect of mystery is what we’re after.

And if you’re looking for more interest, add some color! The head light was PERFECT for this!


After I shot these photos we decided to take that red balloon and use it for a game of night volleyball! It was super funny! I am a big believer in kids exploring nature so if my 7 year old wants to go check something out at night I give him one of these light units and let him go!

High performance, portability, you can’t go wrong with these lights in my opinion!


Check out these other Energizer® lighting products!


What kind of fun things can you think of to do with your kids using these cool flashlights? Leave me a comment below telling me fun ideas you can come up with to “Power Up Summer” and you will be entered to win an Energizer prize pack that contains:

  • One Energizer® Fusion LED Folding Lantern
  • One Energizer® Vision HD + Focus LED Headlight
  • Two packs of Energizer® EcoAdvanced® AA and AAA Batteries
    ($90 ARV)


*Contest ends at 11:59 PM on July 13th, US Entrants only.


I was provided samples and a gift for sharing this information with my readers.


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Night Photography with Flashlights

Night Photography with Energizer

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  1. Lisa Brown says:

    How about a “flashlight puppet show”. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. kelly tupick says:

    I’m thinking shadow game played on a big white wall. kt3us@yahoo.com

  3. making gadgets to explore science and engineering

  4. janetfaye says:

    We could sit outside on a summer evening using the flashlights to share stories.

  5. Kimberly Bauer says:

    Looking for worms at night for fishing and using flashlights while making smores!

  6. Ann Fantom says:

    We would use these lights when we go camping

  7. katherine says:

    We used to play flashlight tag when we were younger

  8. These would be SO great for camping! We could sit around the fire with a little bit of light and just enjoy spending time together!

  9. We would use them to catch frogs at night at the campground that we go to.

  10. Cathy Truman says:

    We would use this lights when we go camping at the lakes in the summer

  11. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Other than having a puppet show on the walls, we could use them in our tent to have a camping trip in our backyard. We could use the flashlights to tell stories and eat popcorn! Power Up Summer here we come!

  12. we will be “camping” in our backyard

  13. These would be fun for a night-time game of hide-and-seek!

  14. Cynthia C says:

    My nieces would like to pretend they are fireflies in the dark.

  15. Ashley C says:

    We would love to play flashlight tag!

  16. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    It would be fun to have a nighttime scavenger hunt with the only lighting being the flashlights.

  17. Shadow puppets and telling scary stories would be fun.

  18. Susan Christy says:

    My nephews would love to hunt for frogs around the lake at night.

  19. Laurajj says:

    Oh we love to use them to play flashlight hide and seek, and also would use them to go and pick milkweed before bedtime for the monarchs. We raise them in the summer, after finding something was eating the eggs and chrysalis overnight. So, we bring them in and raise them ourselves. Last year we released over 100. Hoping for over 200 this year. 🙂 But..we always have to get them new milkweed for the nights…so before bedtime we have to go out and pick some new leaves for them to eat.

  20. Trisha Burgess says:

    We would definitely do some night hiking and night hide n go seek!!

  21. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I think we could go looking for lightening bugs and “Power Up Summer”. I think they would also be great when we go camping!

  22. Brittney House says:

    We would love to use it while camping and look for animals in the night time.

  23. Penny Snyder says:

    Camping out in the backyard!!

  24. Late night Pokemon GO hunting. Yea I’m a nerd.

  25. Jennifer Reed says:

    We could play Flashlight Treasure Hunt in our backyard to wear the kids out on summer nights before bed. One person hides something in the yard and the others use Energizer flashlight products to find the special item. Winner gets a prize!

  26. susan smoaks says:

    to power up summer i plan to get outside and go camping in the yard with the kids.

  27. Lisa V. says:

    We could use on our camping trips.

  28. Keeley Sullivan says:

    My kids would love to use them catching fire flies with their friends.

  29. Ghost stories around the campfire

  30. Kobi Hensley says:

    Flashlight tag at night of course 🙂

  31. Richard Hicks says:

    Kids could use them to explore the creepy crawly things at night

  32. Brandy Smith says:

    Get the cat to chase the light lol could do it for hours its so funny!

  33. Laurie Emerson says:

    These would be fun for the whole family. We do a lot of camping and hiking in the summer.

  34. Our Girl Scouts always enjoyed night time hikes with their flashlights. A late night scavenger hunt would be great fun.

  35. Tabathia B says:

    Probably hang out in her playhouse outside at night

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  36. Kristina Potter says:

    We have been using flashlights a lot in and out of our home lately. My 3 year old son has his very own flash light selection thanks to grandma and grandpa.. Every night he points his flashlight to his posters In his room and tells a story. Besides that we make finger puppets, we hunted for worms after it rained a lot the other night. We use them to walk the trails at night at the campground were members at.. Plus many more!

  37. Janine H says:

    We would camp out in our backyard!

  38. Elizabeth Ray says:

    would be great for camping

  39. jules m. says:

    looking for shells at night on the beach! 🙂

  40. Breanne says:

    We play Sardines.

  41. Brian E. says:

    We would explore the local pond after dark, searching for frogs !

  42. MARIA simon says:

    my kids would love this to catch fireflies 😉

  43. Michelle H. says:

    We could use these on our camping trips.

  44. Carolyn D says:

    We would use the lights on evening walks and to create fun shadows.

  45. Amy Deeter says:

    My children would put a lot of use to these.They would use the lights for our walks, camping, and while we our outside in the evening catching lightening bugs

  46. Trisha McKee says:

    We use them to go night fishing! The kids love it!

  47. We could use them to look for lizards at night.