Peek Into A Week

Another photography project I began was to just shoot. For a week at a time, go about my everyday life and capture what “captures” me. I used to be a lot more into photography, and I am positive the winter from hell killed my drive to keep taking pictures. I mean, who really wants 400 pictures of the same snow covered crap?

Without further ado, please enjoy a peek into a week. Also, you may be surprised to learn a good number of these were NOT taken with my dSLR. I have kids, I don’t have the luxury, or even a nice camera bag, to lug my whole gaggle of equipment so phones and tablets must step in once in a while 🙂


Took my son shopping after his appointment, he loved this patio set from Walmart

I baked my first Strawberry-Rhubarb pie of the season..



On this day the kids came home directly from school and played chalk!

Mother's Day tradition, help mama plant!

Mother’s Day tradition, help mama plant!

We fried some Morel Mushrooms!

We fried some Morel Mushrooms!


It was near 90 for a couple days, aka sprinkler time!


Neighbor’s tulips…so pretty!


Red variety… swoon



And to add to these goodies, my little 5 year old son decided to take my camera and take pictures! I saw them when I was editing and thought it was great to see the world through HIS eyes!

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