Not So Wordless Wednesday – Family

I am about to go to sleep for my last night in Green, Bay, an I am so tired because I had an AMAZING few days with my best friend Bobbie from One Scrappy Mom and our families finally got to meet after so many years.We loved the area so much that we are seriously considering moving. I consider this family to be my family and will always love that we decided to drive up to see them!

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  1. You both have lovely families and you actually look like one big happy family. Love it!

  2. You do look like family!

  3. I think it is wonderful that you all got to spend some time together!

  4. Hehehehe – I just saw this over on Bobby’s site 🙂 I LOVE your new do. Very sassy!

  5. That would be SO fun to go spend time with another blogger! Looks like you guys had fun!

  6. It’s so cool that y’all got to finally meet! I actually met my bloggy bff of 3 years last week…it was awesome!

    • This is my 3rd time hanging out with Bobbie but the first time our families got to meet so it was super special. Neither of my older kids wanted to leave they want to live with Bobbie and family or be neighbors. They loved them!

  7. So much fun! I got to hang with my bloggy (and real life!) BFF this past weekend!

  8. Maryann says:

    It is great to have such great family and friends.

  9. What a fantastic photo! Everyone looks so happy!

  10. so glad you had a great time!

  11. Hey.. everyone is smiling in your photo.. what gives?! LOL I am so happy that the families got to meet. We spend so much time talking to and about one another, it’s good they all got to meet and put a face with the name. You all are welcome here ANYTIME and you are FAMILY to us! Love you all. I hope your trip home wasn’t too bad!

  12. So much fun. I love that you all are so close – its amazing!

  13. I love that picture!

  14. So fun that you had the visit with her family! YAY!

  15. that is a great picture! so glad you had a good time

  16. Love seeing both of your families together!! SO happy that you traveled and had everyone meet each other and you all look so happy!

  17. awww…that is so nice! It looks like a sister-friend kind of relationship. Green Bay is a beautiful area. Hope some day you can get up to Door County…we have never been there yet but an amazing place to visit. I am thinking you might find your place among the food photo opportunities there. Think cherries and apple growers. And what about getting into a big company like KRAFT in Madison area? Graphic art or photography plus a background as a chef would take you far! They have testing kitchens SOMEWHERE and wonder if you could find a place there. Hope you come to Wisconsin and find an amazing future here.
    Yes, you all look like a happy family!

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