Nikon D3000, A Closer Look

If you are that person who has always used a point and shoot type camera or a credit card sized camera and want to do a bit more with your photography, It could be time for you to try a DSLR. A DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera. In english, this means that the camera uses a mirror mechanism to reflect your image on to the sensor. This also means when you look through the viewfinder, what you see is what you get because there is no computations being done between the lens opening and the viewfinder. This is called parralax error.

You might not know this but in a non DSLR camera, you aren’t seeing the whole picture because there is space between a viewfinder and the lens on a point and shoot. Another thing you might know, is that the shutter lag on non dSLR is pretty bad, especially if you are using a flash. Shutter speed is the main reason I made the switch.My first camera was a Nikon D50. It wasn’t amazing but it was leaps and bounds better that the 2 mp pos I was borrowing at the time. It was FAST. I didn’t have to worry anymore about the camera not being ready. It was a decent beginner camera for me because it was old enough that I could use any older lens on it and still autofocus but new enough to give me 6 mp and amazing results.

Switching to a DSLR is a commitment. They aren’t cheap and even the most entry level camera can run you $550. Your camera choice is going to depend on your needs. I researched my camera for a long time and and when it was time to upgrade I did the research again. I knew I didn’t need to go to a professional level camera but I needed more MP and an updated processor. I bought the D90 in January and I completely love it for my needs. I can still use it on Auto if I want but the real magic comes when I use it manually. As someone who stayed on auto with her first camera, I never though I would use manual.

The Nikon D3000 is the most entry level camera on the Nikon market. It was born after the D60. the camera does not have a top LCD readout. Very much like my old D50, the D3000 has identical controls for Aperture. Shutter speed is still controlled with the back wheel. Most of the magic on this one is actually inside. When you turn the dial on the top to guide mode, it will ask you what you want to shoot and after you choose, the camera will actually tell you on the screen how its going to achieve that so in essence, it is a teaching tool too!

You’re not going to see a lot of bells and whistles on this camera with good reason. Entry level cameras shouldn’t overwhelm the user with a bunch of options and buttons. And its compact design makes it lighter. This model does not have a motor arm to autofocus lenses so you can’t use older af/s lenses on this camera automatically. You CAN use them if you don’t mind manually focusing. I had no choice I needed product shots and I wanted to use my 50 mm 1.8 lens. Now I am no stranger to manual focus I have to use it when I use the video function on my D90. But with this particular lens its harder to manually focus because when you have it wide open its harder to find focus, but when you do, its magical!




Because I had to take pictures with the D3000 for 2 weeks straight I really got to love the camera. Having the D90 and this one I can say for certain that the D3000 is a very very good beginner camera. It has 11 focus points, just like the D90. Its got 10.2 MP and can shoot at 3 FPS. I am not going to list ALL the technical details but this camera is great and honestly I wish I had this for my husband when he took his beginner photography class!

Please check out this link to read more about the Nikon D3000 🙂


This is not a paid post. I did not recieve free product for this review. The camera featured in this review in on loan from Nikon.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been contemplating upgrading my *point ‘n shoot* to a dslr (maybe once we get our income tax money! LOL) and really did not know which one to even look at buying. Those photos are seriously awesome and I really need awesomeness to help with my future Etsy shop! The Nikon D3000 looks like a good option for me. (I am pretty much a beginner, I’m fine with the camera we have now *Canon PowerShot, but really need an upgrade!)^_^ Thanks again!

    • My pleasure Jen! The D3000 is very user friendly to the new to SLR crowd. It really goes beyond just having the automatic settings it helps teach you with the option of going full manual someday if you want.

  2. Totally awesome and fabulous pictures, but they should be for that kind of money! I truly hope they let you keep the camera. They really should because your incredible informative post deserves one. They should put it in a magazine or on their website. Good job!!! Good luck!

    • LOL yeah they should let me keep it but alas I have my D90, I am happy. And price of the camera doesn’t always mean the pictures will be better, its the person working the camera that creates the real magic 🙂

      (and I totally agree they should put me on their website haha!)

  3. THAT was a great little lesson you gave us! I pretend to know a little about cameras and photography, but that is pretty much what I know…a LITTLE! I can take great close up shots and just seem to find the right time and right subject sometimes, but I know nothing about the mechanics. I did one darkroom class and was SO amazing, but with technology changing…I would not know what to do with a great camera like yours. but DYING to find out. You just might have made a sale for Nikon. I was shopping to get a Cannon so I could use my 200 lens with a digital, but am now wavering on this. My neighbor has both and says the Nikon is far and above and less lapse on shutter speed? did I SAY I have a big birthday coming up this fall? Maybe you need to email this to my hubby> 😉 !
    VERY cool dragonfly pic by the way! You’re good! and yes…the person behind the camera makes a big difference of course. Some people just have the eye for it and others CAN learn it,…but some just have that magic!

  4. I have bought a nikon d3000 recently and i can say it’s a great dslr camera.

    sure it’s not cheap but if you want to make serious photo you need a dslr camera.

  5. Good text but I think that your language can’t be understood by noobs… Maybe make notes more understandable?

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