Finding The Best Camera Bag: M-Rock Camera Bag Review

Ever since I got my first dSLR and lenses in 2007 I have been on the hunt for the best bag. I have the gear enough to be an assistant photographer so I can’t just have a tiny camera bag. Well what I mean is the size of my camera alone is larger than a lot of the lower end Nikons. I have had the experience of holding a Nikon d40, d50, d70, d3000, d5000, and my d90 of course and the only one that might compare size wise is the now out of date d70. I had been using the same camera bag from the beginning and when I upgraded to my d90 this year it became apparent the bag just wouldn’t work because of weight. I went on the lookout for great bags and came across M-Rock Camera Bags.

They carry all sizes from Point and shoot bags, to holster bags, all the way up to large professional size bags. I told them I needed something that I could wear and secure to myself because of my upcoming Brandcation trip. They sent me the Grand Canyon in black/sand…this is a mid size bag, taller than my old one..

(I was using my camera but it goes there in the middle, and the top has a zippered mesh pocket that I hold my flash in when I am using all 3 of my lenses)

(This is the back side zipper, hook for your keys, attached weather cover and lots and lots of storage for your cards and filters etc.)

What I like about this bag: The padding is thick and sturdy. I can move the padding to the dimensions I need it and I love that. Also there is extra padding for the top of the side spaces meaning I can have my lenses completely protected. I also love that the should strap is really very comfortable. This bag is also made so it can be worn on the body, front or back, with the inclusion of extra straps.

Now that can come in handy when you are out in the field. Also if you are just not a big fan of using the shoulder strap. In no time at all your bag can be on your back and your shoulder and hand is free. I can never keep bags on my shoulder they always slide off no matter what eventually. Another item I really love is the addition of the attached weather cover and lens cleaners. You don’t realize how those can come in handy until you get stuck in the rain, or in my case, the swamps of Florida in November!

Dislikes: I only have one and I don’t know if its just me but the zippers are double on everything and there is actually resistance to openining them. What I mean is you cannot unzip this bag with one hand. I realize its part of the design to keep the elements out of the bag (good idea) but in a hurry there is no way I can be quick opening a fully close zipper for a quick lens change. So if there were anything I would improve it would be the zippers, find a way to keep the elements out of the bag BUT leave the zippers just a little more easy to open. It would only be a huge problem for a photographer that changes lenses fast in the field. The fix, I suppose could be to just use the buckle at the top and leave it unzipped.

Buy It: The Grand Canyon bag from M-Rock retails for $79.99 and you can get it at the M-Rock Site or Amazon! And in case you are wondering they aren’t just for Nikon, Canon users can use these bags easily as well 🙂


Disclosure: This was not a paid post and honest opinions were given. Thank you to the sponsor  for providing the products for this review.

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  1. I’m actually really liking the fact that it isn’t shoulder strap.
    Would like to see an all black style.

    • I agree! The closest in this style is Black/Grey which I am sure looks cool too but I know tons of photographers really prefer solid black as its less noticeable!

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