Green and Graphics

Fresh from our garden..Fried Green Tomatoes. Hubby LOOOOOVES them.

And I was up late last night and decided to make a few of my mommy friends some banners to match their blogs!


bethblog.jpg picture by CandyCLC

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  1. wow! Great Banners!

  2. Thanks Candace! I can't take complete credit since I used the backgrounds they already had to make them..oh and the middle one is the banner available right at cutest blog on the block 😉

  3. Your fried green tomatoes look good enough to eat! If my tomatoes don't start ripening soon, I'll have to use your recipe every day!
    Cute banners!

  4. Pink Haired Momma says:

    Fried Green Tomatoes are so yummy! and yours look FAB!!!

    And beautiful work on the banners!!

  5. BCBC Rogers says:

    Thank you again! I love it-BFF wants one now LOL!

  6. Ironically I am already making her one Brea!! I must be psychic!

  7. Love it, love it!! Thank you Candy!!!!! I've got my banner up, but I'll have to mess with the sizing tomorrow. My computer is being crazy tonight and my eyes are getting heavy.

    Can you believe I have never had fried green tomatoes??!! They look sooooo yummy!

  8. Did anyone click the pic to see the huge picture? Oh it looks so yummy. I only got to eat one and I want more!! I am making some tomorrow and I am NOT sharing with hubby because he will eat them all again!

  9. You are so welcome Amy!

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