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New Bouncer for Baby

As a belated gift, and thanks to my parents, we bought the baby a bouncy seat. I wanted one that converted to a rocker, but ultimately we decided on this one...He loves it! I like it because it has no lights and the music is singing not electronic midi sounds. Plus the seat is ultra cushiony :) It vibrates too. Alyssa hated her bouncy chair, so we are thrilled that Aiden likes his! Shared … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

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New Year Resolutions

1. Embrace my life every morning and love the best parts and work on the other stuff.2. Take more pictures and print them.3. Learn photography for REAL4. Learn to decorate cakes and cupcakes5. Lose 25 pounds6. Start attending church weekly7. Do something girly and fun with my daughter every night.8. Read to my baby boy every night.9. Look for ways to make money. … [Read more...]


Though I have been blogging for YEARS. I wanted to start a blog all about the things I love. I love being a mama, I love cooking and baking, I love photograpy, I love being a wife. I love blogging! I figure if I am online a lot I might as well share awesome things I find with other moms, from coupons to deals, and as a serious online sweeps girl, I will share tons of contests!! I will also review … [Read more...]