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My Own Magic Summer, Friends and NKOTB Style

The alternate title of this post should be "How A Windy Day In An Auburn Hills Parking Lot Was Better Than A Bar Stool" in reference to my fave five, NKOTB. In particular, an encounter with Donnie Wahlberg. As you know from my previous concert post that I had the total package bar stool seat and an Ultimate (private meet and greet) for the Grand Rapids show. I'm also not made of money and spent … [Read more...]

Graduation Celebration, NKOTB Style

A all of you know, I graduated from Lansing Community College in May of this year. having earned my Associates Degree in Business for Hospitality/Food Service Management, through blood, sweat and tears, I felt I deserved a massive celebration. I am not a kid though, so no open house was to be had for me. I decided to take a trip back in January when the perfect idea was presented to me. I flew to … [Read more...]

So You Booked Your First Concert Cruise…

As I prepare for my 3rd concert cruise in a few weeks, I thought I would offer a few tips from my experiences with the Carnival line, as in brutally honest, real person advice. You are going to embark on an experience of a lifetime. When you booked your cruise you knew that somewhere deep down, you wanted to take this vacation to "get away" but also connect with that inner teenager. Choosing The … [Read more...]

I Graduated Again AND Celebrated it with New Kids On The Block Again Too!

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way to Grand Rapids Michigan to attend my NKOTB concert. And that concert is STILL on my mind so I thought maybe if I blogged it, I could move on and you know, actually get some work done! Before I share the concert, let's take a little trip back in time. Back to when I first stepped foot into the world of Blockheads and craziness. In case you haven't been here … [Read more...]

That Time I Talked To Joey McIntyre About His New Show #ReturnOfTheMac

So there I was minding my own business when I started asking my local BH bestie about her upcoming trip to Chicago for the Joey McIntyre Meet & Greet to promote his new show, a parody of his life trying to make it as a real actor but only getting work as a host, starring himself and his family on PopTV called Return of the Mac (Starts on April 12th at 8:30/7:30 central), when I sort of decided … [Read more...]

New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Recap Part 4; The Final Chapter

Okay sooo dramatic title, right? As I am typing this, thousands of Blockheads are waiting on baited breath for the big cruise announcement for this year. I, however, am not. Financially I had to make a choice and it was one of those that was going to affect my marriage so I am not going this year unless I win a raffle. That being said, I have had a few months to reflect on the last day of the … [Read more...]