That Time I Talked To Joey McIntyre About His New Show #ReturnOfTheMac

So there I was minding my own business when I started asking my local BH bestie about her upcoming trip to Chicago for the Joey McIntyre Meet & Greet to promote his new show, a parody of his life trying to make it as a real actor but only getting work as a host, starring himself and his family on PopTV called Return of the Mac (Starts on April 12th at 8:30/7:30 central), when I sort of decided I wanted to go. Then all of the sudden the amazing ladies of ChicagonistaLIVE posted a graphic talking about the a live webcast before the meet & greet. I had been friends with MJ on Facebook for years and kept up with her and the team (we had a wonderful time at the Cake Boss party a few years back) so I half joked about if she needed super fans for the live show I can easily hop a train. Lo and behold the very next morning I received an invitation to be a part of the webcast. WHAT? OMG!!! I confirmed my participation as I was in Detroit getting my husband on his own truck at his trucking job. It was a long day waiting with him but this bit of news was a welcome distraction! Little did I know this wouldn’t be the only time I screamed inside from excitement.

You see, these ladies know my blog, they probably know that I watch almost all of their live shoes and tweet. I am just a few hours from Chicago so I kind of adopted them and their city as my own. What they didn’t know when they invited me is that I am a die hard NKOTB fan. I love all the guys. I got to meet them the first time in 2015 during the Main Event tour, and twice since then on two cruises. I will meet them again (twice in one night) this May when the new tour hits Grand Rapids. Suffice it to say I was the only blogger/influencer there who has a very recent and deep love for Joe as part of NKOTB.

Fast forward to the night before my trip and as I was trying to get some kind of sleep my phone lights up. And there it is… the question I asked when I RSVP’d was chosen to be asked live on the show. Wait, WHAT? I would be asking Joey my question! Can you even imagine how hard it was to go to sleep after that? But I did, and then it was time to go!

The girls I rode with wanted to get there super early to be at the front of the line. We got to Chicago at 11 AM. I didn’t have to be in any line because of having blogger VIP but I just couldn’t leave my bestie outside to freeze alone. Plus I got to meet some cool people in line, and have the chance to win prizes!

I got a nifty #JoeMacPhone Sac..

And I got a very limited edition lunchbox!

I spent most of the time going in the Xfinity Studios to get a warm drink and use the restroom until things started happening. This store is amazing, its tech heaven!!

I ran into MJ and the girls, they knew I had been outside for a long time and apologized and made sure to tell them it was my choice so no worries!! But Joey also knew people were out there since 8 AM and he felt so bad for them that he invited the whole line inside for the webcast! All of the sudden things were happening super fast and I took a spot inside the blogger area and it was time to go live! It was SO fun watching the ladies do their thing, they are so funny!

Then out comes Joe and the interviews begin. Questions about the show, lots of funny one liners, and before I knew it, it was time for us to ask our questions!

Thats me front and center, and this is how I roll!!

Right before this happened it dawned on me that I had submitted an old school pic of myself in my NKOTB shirt and that pic was showed right before my question. I didn’t even see Joeys reaction because I was hiding my face it was RED lol. The team had been gushing over my NKOTB shirt all afternoon and took the opportunity to mention it as I walked to the mic too. I was on cloud nine.

I asked my question and took a seat since I was right up front anyway (hello, superfan!) and he was just great.

After a while it was time to wrap up, and after handing out a couple prizes it was time for blogger photos. I was fumbling with my custom photo book and sharpies when I realized I was 2nd in line to get a pic and heard them calling my name. I dropped my stuff in my bag and ran! I had my phone ready in selfie mode and walked up to Joey saying I missed him, I hadn’t seen him since the cruise, and then it was snap snap snap snap. That is two selfies and two professional camera pics.

Then I putzed around and talked with my friends because I didn’t know when it was time for autographs. I got the cue and literally RAN to get in line because I didn’t want to miss it. Joey didn’t say anything but he did pause right before he signed it, he hadn’t seen it yet and it was all pictures from the 2015 cruise.

Then my girl Lisa, who had one a lunchbox too, needed to borrow my bronze sharpie for him to sign her box so I got to stand a little longer. Of course we had to take a pic together, I hadn’t seen her in 6 years!

After this it was time to gather my stuff and then wait for my friends. I went and ate a cupcake and before long they were done. They got GREAT pics.

We left the studio and when across the street to Joe’s Bar (coincidence!) to eat before the 3 hour drive home. I was starting to get tired at this point, my body was tired from shivering, lack of quality sleep and general excitement. I spotted some friends and went to get my hugs and my girl Renee is like selfie, now. YES. And we were both still looking cute!

I finally got home that night at about midnight, and spent the entire morning the next day going over what happened and still couldn’t believe I was there. It is extremely rare that my blogger life marries my real life and passions. I love and respect Joey as a fan, I know all my blockhead friends were super proud and excited for me and I couldn’t have had a more amazing day. Thank you again to #ChicagonistaLIVE, Xfinity Studios and PopTV for making this event possible for me and thank you beyond words to Joey McIntyre for being completely amazing. In our world getting the chance to meet one of the New Kids for free is rare and you went above and beyond for an entire week meeting hundreds of us.

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  1. sooo many amazing memories in such a short time!!! glad to have shared them with you!!

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