New Kids On The Block Cruise 2016 Part 2

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So, we left off on night one, after Sail Away. On the first night is the game show, and dining group B goes first while we eat. I’m pretty sure we went to the dining room but I am forgetting because by this point I already had 2 drinks in me. While the other group was in their show, we got ready for purple night. Pretty soon it was time for our game show! This year I was closer to the stage but still in the balcony and a good 4 rows up so while I could see okay, the view in person is way better than what my camera showed. The game was actually like a trivia show which I liked because it wasn’t cheesy and was funny and full of surprises
NkotbCruise2016 Group A Game Show Collage

And Danny trying to give Jordan a lap dance lmao!

After the game show I had time to kill so I hit the casino, yes again. On the way to the party after the game show I ran into Macky and he remembered me as Elvira haha so we got our first selfie

Then after a while it was time to party! I went up in the upper level instead of being in the mass of people pushing the stage and it was great because it was cooler and I had room to dance with the best people ever! My outfit was very basic, just a purple top and homemade purple tutu with a quirky hat.. yep I wore a hat that was shaped as a squid, and I stole it from my 13 year old daughter.


purple night collage nkotb cruise 2016

Having done this before and knowing I wasn’t going to try to push to the front because there were already MEAN ASS GIRLS there telling many people that they aren’t getting by because “they had been there for 6 hours”, I knew I was going to actually party. Actually dance with my friends and have a fucking amazing time. And guess what? I DID! No I didn’t get amazing photos of the parties but I have better memories, especially this one of Jordan dancing a few people in front of me!

After the party ended I hit the casino for a bit and ended up going to bed at like 5 am? The next morning Julie the roomie and I took in the view before we got ready for photo op. I got in line MEGA early like last year and held the spot for my squad. The photo went great, we had extra time because we had Carla with us, the rockin’ bald chick and she was so emotional that she needed some extra love and got it. That meant we had time to mess with the guys. I hugged Danny first and said hey Danny how are you, then Donnie and I told him I had more cookies for him! Then picture time… click click



NKOTB 2016 Cruise GROUP A

Then I hugged Jordan and told him I have more cookies but can’t find Ryan! He said cookies and smiled again which made me melt. Then it was Joe. Quick hug and this time I took the time to say my name is Candy, I am the cookie girl from last year. (The first time I met him I didn’t tell him my name and he grabbed me by the shoulders and made me stare at his eyes. 2nd time I made him stare at MINE) He said “Candy Cookie Girl, I like that!” Joe is an issue for me, he is extremely flirty with me and I don’t know why! Last was Jon and we were rushed so I got to one side of him and my other Jordan girl the other and i said let’s just double team Jon! To which we all laughed. It was a GREAT meeting.

After that I went to brunch with the squad and it was GREAT. I told them about my sexy halloween costume and they immediately said I have to hang with them. Um YEAH! We pretty much had nothing to do for hours so we roamed the ship and gambled in the casino for a while.

Then it was time for The Jenny McCarthy show. I love Jenny McCarthy and I’ve been a fan of hers from WAY back in her Singled Out days. In fact I loved her long before I started crushing on Donnie. Her shows on the boat last year were HYSTERICAL so I was very excited to see it again! And I got my wish this year, a shirtless Donnie!


I recorded the entire backrub!

(Sadly, this show for group B was cancelled at the last second because of the Photos for that group taking longer than usual(which was caused by too many group B girls being in group A’s photo) and there were MANY upset fans that didn’t get to see her show)

After Jenny’s show it was back to the casino bar for a drink and a few smokes and then it was dinner time in the dining room with the roomie and a couple of her friends (that are now my friends, shoutout to Courtney and Gaylin!)

After hanging out in the bar for a while I felt sleepy and thought I would take a nap for about 30 minutes. YEAH RIGHT. Apparently I passed out so hard that Julie had gotten almost completely ready for the Neon Glow Night party and I was asleep for a good 3 hours! OOPS! I yelled a OH SHIT and jumped out of the bed to get ready. Again, super not impressive costume, just a reactive color top, white shorts, some glow glasses.



Oh captain ? @donniewahlberg #nkotbcruise2016

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This was my favorite night. The guys gave 100% and stayed out so late, even Jordan was out past 2 AM this year! I wasn’t by the stage again but was on the side and got to wave and be seen, the pool area was great. I wasn’t in a place where I could dance and after Jordan and Jon had left I decided to take a smoke break but never came back. Sadly I wish I had because JOE actually came out to dance with fans and I missed it. I still had fun anyway 🙂 I must have had a good time because I don’t even remember when I went to sleep that night, but I know I woke up in Mexico.


I didn’t get off the ship.

Yep, you read that right I didn’t set foot in Mexico. I was spoiled by Grand Turk and it’s absolutely FREE and beautiful beaches. And to be honest I didn’t make plans with anyone and there was no way I was going anywhere alone. Even though tons of blockheads went to a club place, I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to pay to go somewhere when all I wanted was a beach with nobody on it for photos. I pretty much spent all day in the casino bar not drinking because they weren’t allowed to serve it and no games were open while we were in port. It turned out to be a blessing because I ended up having like a 3 hour conversation with my new friends. SO many great conversations in that casino!

FINALLY they started moving away from Cozumel and everything opened again. I headed straight to the gift shop for some MINTS! I went back to the cabin to grill Julie about her dolphin swim. I went and looked at some doors for a while. Then more time at the casino. I was there so long that I forgot to go to the dining room to eat dinner. OOPS. I wasn’t that hungry anyway.

Stay Tuned for Part 3!

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