NKOTB Cruise 2017 Recap Part 1: Pre-Party Was Amazeballs

I’ve been home for a solid 3 days since the cruise and the extra day in New Orleans for sleeping. I’ve been tired, per the usual which happens when you walk 40 miles over 4 days, burning 3 or 4k calories a day. I am not an active person so let’s just say that is the first thing that will change before the next cruise because the week long hangover feeling after the cruise is getting old. Okay so now for the goods.

I missed the pre-party last year. Our plane landed way too late and I am spoiled, so it was either stand in the back and see nothing or just not go, so I chose Bourbon street. I regretted it later when I saw people post selfies with Jordan, my “guy” but also the only selfie I didn’t have yet. This year, we already planned to be there hours early to wait in line to be at the front. First, we wanted to pop into the pop-up shop and see about a Danny hug. Sadly we got there too late to join the line to hug him but we got to go past the long line. We were stopped by a zillion friends along the way and took so many photos with friends. If I wasn’t excited by that point, seeing my friends just made it so much better.

The Garden District isn’t walking distance to this area so instead of going back to the hotel, my bff Angel and I just farted around and headed sort of towards the site for the pre-party. We both were pretty broke so we split a big sammich from a shop, and then we ran into Jacci! It was so great to finally get pics with her, this girls heart may be even bigger than Donnie’s!

So then we went to the Sugar Mill.

There was about 5 girls already in line, so we were basically at the front. We had to wait 2.5 hours outside, then run for the stage. Angel got held up and we had to save some room for her. These wonderful girls from South America became our friends and were worried what happened to her but she did finally make it up there. We had to wait over an hour inside before the “show” started too but it was worth it. Having been on the cruise before I knew this might be one of the only times I will actually be able to see their faces and interact.

And interact they did. Maybe it was the fact that me and the bestie had matching crazy colored hair. Maybe it was because we were having a great time with them. But for me and Angel, our cruise was literally made that night. Jordan stage dived on top of Angel, front and back and I had to hold his legs up twice. Then he was falling into me and I nearly fell so I grabbed him and felt so bad but he was like nah girl its okay. I am not a fan that is grabby and pushy so I was embarrassed but I was literally falling because there was a step where my feet needed to be and I wasn’t level. Then there’s Donnie who was shaking hands with fans in the front until he got to us and he just grabbed us both for a big hug and kissed our heads. THAT wasn’t expected. I knew he loves Angel but me? We got love that whole party from Jordan, Donnie and Joe. I danced with Joe (just hands, calm down people) and Angel did the same with Jordan. It was incredible. It was also the moment I got my very first selfie with Jordan. This was 3 cruises and 2 tours of waiting but it was worth it.

I also got one with Joe..

And for Angel, they were also her first Jordan selfies but her first Joe one too. She was so excited. I am blessed to have seen her light up like that, my bestie having her moment. Donnie put beads on us, and there is even some other stuff too but because of that party, there was no need to get selfies or search for the guys for them. Jordan was my last one! I can’t tell you how nice it is to step back and watch other people get their moments, they light up and are so excited!

Basically we were on cloud nine by the end of this party, and running into even more friends on the way out was even better! We started walking towards our hotel after that and ran into a group of girls and one of them called me out. She said OMG it’s Candy from twitter, she has the BEST photographs! THAT is new for me. My core people already know about my penchant for posting a lot of photos but to be recognized on a dim New Orleans street for it was AMAZING!

I tell you, by the time we got to sleep that night I could hardly relax. I was sharing pics late into the night and just repeating, holy shit did this really happen to US tonight? to Angel before we passed out. We were getting up very early to get to the port the next day. We wanted to be in the first boarding group so it was lights out.

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